Sad Westy Stories


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I will have to cancel my Westy membership as I was in the floods at the Kruger Park on February 7th this year and unfortunately our VW Microbus with the Westfalia roof etc. went down the river and is a complete write-off. I have attached some photos taken of it as it landed up in the river bed (see the pics on the main page).

I was not insured for going down the river so to speak and did not obtain any compensation from the SA National Parks. It was quite an experience and my husband and myself must just be happy that we escaped with our lives. We have the vehicle at home now and it is quite sad to see it as it looks very much worse now that is out of the riverbed. The roof is cracked and all the canvas etc. is ripped in the Westfalia attachment and I do not think that we can repair it.

Anyway I thought I would just drop you a line.

Yours faithfully

Carole Nelson

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So awful to hear of your horrible experience. I know how you must feel to have your Westy so damaged. You must look in the classified and replace it. A Westy is the be all and end all of vehicles.

Judith Forrest
PO Box 51249
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Capt. Mike

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vdublover Junior Member posted February 10, 2003 02:44 AM

I recently bought an 82 westy. really nice shape brand new engine, and transmision. I actually almost stalked the guy for two years until he sold me his van. AND THEN two weeks later it got crushed by a HUGE tree in a wind storm. Now is that sad news?