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I'm rebuilding a 2.0 air-cooled for my 1980 Westy and thought this was worth posting.

I needed a new case and ordered one from the above parts/machine shop/service company that I found in the October 2000 edition of Hot VWs on page 128 (advertisement). They're located in Downey, CA. The case I got was lined bored 20 over which meant that I had to find a new set of main bearings that were 20 over on the case and ground 10 under on the crank (20/10). The local outfit here couldn't supply them so I called the same outfit that supplied the case, posted above. At first they said, no problem and they'd cost around $60. Then, they phoned back saying that those bearings were hard to get and it would cost $90!!! Wanting to move ahead on the project, I stupidly agreed.

When the set arrived, they were 20/20 and didn't fit but were stained with dark oxidation-looking spots! So, I phoned, sent them back and recieved another set two weeks later. These too looked suspicious - stained, oiled and marked for placement in the case! While most of them looked un-run all of them appeared to have been already placed in a case before. They not only were marked, but had a shine on the edges were the case has the tightest contact. The shop that pressed the oil slinger and crankgear onto the crank had the same opinion and wasn't even sure is the number three bearing was un-run as he looked and the interior of the bearing. It was also the bearing that did not have the size printed on the outside of the shell. Quite disappointing.

The clincher is that after I'd already agreed to buy the stuff, Busdepot told me that they had a set for a much lower price. I should have called them first.
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This story gets more interesting. I've now found that they provided me bearings for a case that has been cut on the thrust side, meaning they provided another set of bearings that are not what I asked for. This makes sense to me since I believe that they pulled them from an existing rebuilt case (no box to read).

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Are you beyond a point where you can cut your loses and ship the whole mess back? I'd have run out of patience -- 4 strikes & your out! (2 bad sets of bearings and both "used.")

Do make a formal complaint to Hot VW's, too, so they know their advertisers are doing a job on their readers. You'd be surpised sometimes at how often a publication will jump into the fray. To Rogers, it is a threat of having a very targeted major sales pitch chopped. He could run that ad all day long in National Geographic and never get a nibble so I'm sure he wouldn't want to lose the ability to advertise in a national VW magazine.

Best of luck & sympathies!


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Thanks for the advice and sympathies. Yeah, as a posted on live chat, I'm done with those guys and keeping the stuff. Calling Hot VW's is a good idea.