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Riviera bed question

hamdog75 Junior Member posted October 07, 2002 10:04 PM

Just wondering if all Riviera conversions had the 1 man hamock or did some of them have a 2 person bed in the pop top like the actual westies?



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The Riviera was made by a company called ASI as far as I know. The top pops straight up as opposed to on an angle as in the Westfalias. The only reason I asked was because I was thinking of buying one and thought that maybe I could put a double bed in the pop top.

I am not sure what years they made them but the one I looked at was a 77 and the camping accesories inside were set up like the early 70's Westfalias. I guess I will keep my search for an actual westafalia going.

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I'm seriously considering a "81 Riviera I saw in an ad. From the photos, it looks pretty similar to the Westy aside from the straight up roof. I've never owned either of these models, So I'd be really grateful for any information on the ASI Riviera pro or con.

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BRDBUGY Junior Member Posted May 03, 2007 05:59 PM

I recently purchased my first VW, a 1974 bus. my family loves it. Come to find out it is a 1974 ASI/Riviera with an automatic tranny (Factory). We just attended our first VW car show and I noticed mine was the only one there let alone the only auto Bus most have ever seen.

In my research I have learned about this camper conversion especially mine with the penthouse feature. My kids love having an upper bunk with room to spare.

But I would like to know of production numbers, are they available?

I have grown to not only love bussing/camping but also the admiration for this hobby from a collectors perspective.

Oh! and HI!


New owner of a 1974 Riviera with a factory Automatic transmission.