Rescuing 84 from the jungle outside of Pahoa, HI.


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Greetings from rainforest. I have a project that I intend to see through. During travels around the Big Island, Hawaii, I came to know an elderly gentleman that has an 84 Westy, seized engine, flora growing inside, questionable wiring, and the like as you might imagine a rig sitting in the rainforest might be.
I find out he has been told by more than one mechanic that it is “too old” to be repaired. That he dreams of driving this unit one last time before he leaves this earthly plane. I have a soft spot for such good tales and then tell him that whoever told him that was incorrect, that it is fixable and I am going to get it back on the road.
So here’s what I have done to date:
Freed up the seized engine, rebuilt starter, verified fuel pumping, verified spark on all 4 plugs, drained and replaced engine oil, polished up the rocker assemblies, cleaned and replaced the fuses/fuse panel as needed.
So it was there I discovered that one of the relays, the tallest with the most pins, has a fractured circuit board. Snapped in two, rattling around inside the case.
Now I’m looking for a replacement for the relay in question.
Or some way to bypass it and get the thing running without.
Name is Dave Fish. And I fix things. Often in unconventional ways.
Update and greeting over.
Fish out