Replacing propane tank


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I'm considering ordering a propane tank from GoWesty and installing it myself to replace an old, leaking tank. Looking under the vehicle it looks easy enough--4 bolts to hold the tank in place and 2 tubes to connect to from the vehicle to the tank. I don't have any special experience with pressurized systems except for the CO2 tank for my keg refrigerator. Does anyone have any advice for installing a propane tank in a Westy, particulary "gotchas" that I might run across?


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Propane replacement

Things to be aware of with propane tank replacements -

Firstly its propane - make sure this is checked that it does not leak if you do the work yourself ......

Secondly, you have to shorten the pipe to the westy - which means you have to reflare the end of the pipe which is a special tool I guess.

Thirdly it needs to be purged like a new BBQ cylinder - sounds easy - but it is not! I had to go to a vehicle propane shop to get it done - took half a day!. You may want to enquire the best way to do this where you live, drop the tank of, get it done, then fit it to the vehicle, before fitting and testing.

Apart from that easy - lots of penetrating oil on the four bolts holding the old tank onto the westy.


'82 Westy Diesel 1.9TD


Its time to replace the propane cylinder on my F-30.

Has anyone figured out the optimum system to install as a replacement? Size? Material? Configuration?

Is a single narrow vertical tank the optimum or should two be fitted?