Registering/Insuring in CALIFORNIA

Samuel Peckham

New member
I am looking into purchasing a 1978 Westy and was wondering if anyone has any advice for registering and insuring this vehicle in CA.

For registration, the vehicle has to pass an emissions test. I know that 1975 and older are considered antiques and are exempt. Unfortunately a 1978 does not fall into this category. Does anyone have any advice on what to do in this situation? Could the Westy pass the emissions test? If it doesn't, are there any other options? Then are there any other things I should be concerned about when it comes to registering the vehicle?

For insurance, I see that a lot of people do an agreed upon value deal with insurance companies. Any other recommendations? I am currently with State Farm, have some bundle discounts and would like to keep that if that is possible.

Another thing to note, I am military, which means I can probably register with another state if that ends up being easier without it being a huge deal.

Thanks for all your help!