Refrigerator gasket and flame goes out troubleshooting


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I have the Dometic 182 refrigerator out of my Westy and I'm trying to address the problem in that it won't stay lit. Spark is okay. Ignites. After minutes, the flame goes out.

There was a bug in the burn box, but it was just a loose bug, not plugging any holes.

The thermocouple wire insulation is frayed at the point where it makes a bend to the burn box. Looks like the wire is intact. Maybe I should replace it. How can I test it on a bench? Can I power the fridge on 110v and use water to test it or does that risk damaging the thermocouple sensor, especially since there is fraying.

I'm also doing whatever I can to help it to work better. I've done the air pump modifications, drilling the hole out and adding the one-way valve. I've also replaced the back-side fin fan with the Go Westy box fan.

The gasket on the burn box had cracks. I've used Ultra Copper high-temp silicone to REPLACE the gasket. Now I just re-read a site that suggests the silicone be used ON the old gasket. My first QUESTION is, did I screw up? I thought that the silicone is a gasket MAKER, not a sealant. Do I need to put the old gasket in WITH the sealant on both sides of it?

My other QUESTIONS are regarding the troubleshooting of this problem from the Dometic Service Manual (RM182B Edition 2, August 1982). The chart on p. 10 relates possible causes referring to parts that I don't have an ID for.

The "safety valve" is connected to the button you hold in while lighting, right? It has a "valve magnet"? How can I troubleshoot this?

Where is there "gauze in the burner head"? When I took the burn box apart, there's a tube with slots in one end, which is where I assume the flame is. Is there supposed to be gauze in that tube?

Where is the "By-pass flame"?

Thanks for your help!