Real-time help needed - AC compressor o-rings


I need the specs for the o-rings at the compressor for a '90 Westy. I'd post pictures of the compressor and fittings, but it's an 80-90 mile round trip to do that. Sooooo...

The high pressure line clamps to the back of the compressor. It has a metal pipe with a large flange for the clamping arm to press the fitting into place. The low pressure side unlike anything I've seem abstracted for ETKA. It shows a rubber hose coming off the side of the compressor. On our Westy, this is a U-shaped pipe with the open part of the U facing the rear of the vehicle. There is junction in the pipe, shortly after the U and on the side away from the compressor. A rubber hose is connected to this pipe - presumably come from the expansion valve or evaporator. The low pressure port is on the pipe and the high pressure pipe is on a line passing by the relay panel tucked in the left rear corner of the vehicle.

Again, this is for a '90 Westy with factory original AC. I need o-rings at the compressor, for the low and high pressure ports. The guy working on the Westy wants it gone ASAP. He's got a ton of time in it; it's down to "will it hold a vacuum" and then adios. Help!

ADDED: I found a hard copy of the ETKA drawing for the AC system. I have the info on the low pressure pipe almost right. It comes from the back of the compressor (I thought it was the side - doh!). Where I really got it wrong is the high pressure line. The difference between the drawing and our Westy is there is no solid pipe coming from the compressor and no high pressure port (on the pipe). The high pressure hose goes directly into the compressor (I got that right). The high pressure port is back by the relay panel in the left rear corner (got that right, too). The error is in the connection point for the LP pipe, and getting the ETKA drawing error wrong (ETKA shows an HP line to the compressor that doesn't match the vehicle in two points). The parts I need are labeled #35 - unfortunately my drawing stops the parts list at about #24 (ARGHH!!!).
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Progress - of a sort...

I found the ETKA drawing and parts list at The part number I need is 253 260 749. I called a VW dealer; the part number is a known number but the part is NLA. The part description says 20, 22x3, 50 - I assume the 22x3 is the dimension in mm but I don't know what the 20 and 50 mean (material code?) or whether they even matter to me.

Also, I'm still struggling with the overall layout of the compressor plumbing. That is, seeing the HP port in behind the LR cabinet instead of hanging off the compressor. From a structural point of view, the hose coming straight off the compressor and and the HP port in the cabinet makes more sense than a short pipe with the HP port on it. I can see that pipe vibrating up and down until... poink! and the thing breaks off.

I called a local VW parts source - no joy there - and tried AutohausAZ on line. Also no joy. I'm on the East Coast, now waiting for Van Cafe and GoWesty to wake up and get the coffee going.