Rattling, thumping noisy rear end 1983 Westy


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We are returning to New England after 5 months on the road in our 1983 Westfalia. As we entered Vermont a rattling, ticking, sort of thumping noise started to occur whenever we slightly let off the gas say to maintain speed, as you reach the top of a hill and start to head down the other side, etc...

The noise stops when the clutch is pushed in.

I can only ever hear the noise when the vehicle is in motion.

It occurs while driving straight, or curvy, up hill or down.

Really the only clear relationship i have noticed in the noise is that it occurs when you slightly let off the gas while in motion and will go away in all case when the clutch is depressed. I have been reading up on CV joint issues and wonder if this is our problem too? The van has over 250,000 miles on it, ill need to check my records for repairs to the drive train, we purchased the van in December before we departed. The van still drives great, but the noise has me a little on edge. Thanks.
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