Radio CodE


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I changed out the map light in my 91 westy to a LED and blew the fuse when reinstalling and I fumbled through the radio code resetting. The radio is the Original with a cassette player, there is a VW Design logo on the cassette door and a red key logo under the display. After several days of waiting an hour to try it again, I found some notes I had made in my Bentley book. With CodE in the display, press the #1 preset button, and 0000 will appear, to set your code, press the preset buttons one at a time with the first number in the first position, press button 2 till the correct # is showing, the same goes for places 3 and 4. Now your code is displayed. Next press button # 5 and the last station you were listening to will be displayed. Hope this saves you some time.