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This topic is to announce or discuss VENDORS of non-VW, not OE installed, propane accessories. Topics for non-OE heaters are in the Heating & Air Condition forum. Do NOT post "source wanted"; they will be deleted per Guideline #5. See also <General Camping Supplies> topic this forum. Comments on Vendors are welcome; the products themselves should be discussed in their respective forums & topics.
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Thanks for the listing, however the information is outdated. Sure Marine sells very few units and is not allowed, per agreement with Propex, to sell units for camper use, ONLY marine applications. However, Propex informs me that Sure Marine has sold very few units in the past five years, while my sales have grown exponentially every year, and is allowing me to sell to both markets.

Current updated information is as follows, edit your post as you wish:

--Westy Ventures--US distributor and importer, authorized warranty repair center:

--Van-Cafe--west coast reseller:

--Condelli and Associates (Canada)--Canadian authorized reseller:

Thank you.
Karl Mullendore
Westy Ventures
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