Passenger Van middle seat (not camper)


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Does anyone have any tips on removing the middle seats in my '85 Vanagon GL. Also can the seats be changed out for a table or other accessory? They are bolted in but also fixed to a track that runs under the carpet. Rich
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The bottom rail that is attached to the floor is called the channel and is where the retaining pieces (special nuts P/N 253 883 867) are mounted. That channel is held to the floor by 4 10mmx15mm bolts with special washer P/N 253 883 869 under the head. The slide rails clamp the seat to the retaining rail with 4 8mmx15mm bolts and wavy lock washers. Go to your dealer and ask to see the blow-up schematic for the seat (Guideline #8) which should make the installation or removal pretty straight-forward. I believe it is plate #138-00.

The small front table in the Vanagon campers has a retainer socket that bolts to the left front wheel well/seat base. The rear table fits into a socket in the camper cabinetry, which your vehicle doesn't have. A drop table hinged on the left wall was used in early Bay Windows and in some Multivan configurations, which may be an option.
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Thanks, As a new member I'm very impressed by the quick and informative reply. I'll get a service manual ASAP. RC