Paint (including Body Rust) Questions


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Tree Sap Removal

I have some Tree sap on my 1987 Vanagon Westfalia that I am having trouble removing with regular soap and water. Most of the sap is on my paint but I do have a few spots on the pop top as well. I read somewhere on the internet that finger nail polish remover or mineral spirits should remove tree sap. I just wanted to check here first before trying one of these suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Jesse Rocco

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Rust returning after removal and painting ?

I just removed all the surface rust from my '84 Westy. I sanded out what I could, there was alot (check out the photo). Then I hit the areas with a rust inhibitor and primed them. Macco painted it all for about a grand. It looks excellent but I really curious about how long it will last. Do you guys think that the rust will return quickly ?

This kind of helps me decide on how much more energy and cash to put into it. Thanks Much Guys - Jesse in Southern California

PS - I'll post more shots when it gets back from the mechanic, getting all new coolant hoses this week :(


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