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We live in hawaii but keep a 58 westy on the mainland for vacations. Our last one had us fly into, Seattle where we had left the bus at my brother,inlaw's . We had to pack-up
change oil adjust carb& get the lights working,Thanks Barb&Eric!! We hooked Up with RobertWho got our gas heater performing great. Then off to a wet westies gathering @ Catherine's Creek.
We followed Robert In his Vanagon Westy he lead us on the back roads for I don't take
Freeways , It must have been hard on him , he has a Getta engine in his Vanagon. We spent the Night At Lyons Ferry S.P. On the snake river great spot , Thanks Robert. tthe next day off to Caterines Creek.We arrived around 2pm friday and there were a few other vw campers there. By Saturday there were over 20 it was a grat gathering with 4 or 5 genrations, of westfilia's. sat. evening we had a feast in the forrest with a great pot luck. Then some spirits and rebel rousing around the camp fire. Sunday morning is another feast with everyone cooking bacon eggs pancakes, great time had by all. I even had time to switch my voltage reg. It was new
but was putting out alittle over 6 volts and my gas heater new it. I put my extra one on and it put out 7.5 the battery liked this as did the{ gas heater}and my Wife.
We were one of the last to leave but then this was only the beginning of our vacation.
We headed for Idaho thur a little used road that took us to Oxbow Dam and into Idaho thur the back door. We hooked up with a bouble window camper for part of the trip,
until they headed south to Boise and we went North to Lake McCall. we stayed in lake MCCall 2 nights , before heading to Stanley.
Let me tell you I have been on many
beautiful roads but the drive Lake Macall to Stanley isincredible with great camping spots along the way hot springs, your driving right next to beautiful rivers the entire way. It took us 3 days and it's not that far. After Stanley I have to turn up the steam were alittle behind so I blast thur
Ketchum and Sun Valley everybody driving porsches around there. I press on for hat turns out to be our longest haul around 400 miles to the Idaho border with Wyoming. We camp right at the bottom of the pass that, will take us over the Tetons. The next morning were out early for the pass the 58 climbs it without a hitch although the way down I let the bus have it's head and i should have kept it in a lower gear . I got a little Break chatter. The tetons are really beautiful. Once down the other side we took a unpaved road along the base of the tetons, and got some photos of my 5 year old with a moose. There's my wife and Mckenzie{5}
and Rylie{2} and myself sleeping in the bus.
Thank's to tha hammock.
We camped a in the Teton national park
swam in some of the lakes , seen some small fires most of them were already out luckily
we missed the big fires. We had great weather in Sept.,Indian Summer.Then Up Hwy.89
to Yellowstone. What can I say another great road. Great camping in Yellowstone no crouds,
lots of wild life. Bears Elk wolfs,and alot of Buffolo. The Gysers were great but we heard we should have been here a hour ago ,guess we missed the BIG ONE. If you get to Yellowstone don't miss the Fire hole river
great swimming with hot springs flowwing in up stream.Now where of to Montana Big Sky country,and some nice country side To!!!
Were heading to Glacier National Park . Were taking our time and camp at some nice camp grounds along the way. The weather is a little wet at the entance into Glacier but once we set up camp it clears and we have a nice dinner around the camp fire. We spend a couple of days on the U.S. side then decide to se the Canadian side. So we head out for the going to the sun Hwy., believe me this thing goes up fast with some spectactular views. We make it to the top and there our snow fluries, this is Sept 21st. I make a joke that it would be nice to wake up to a dusting of snow. The bus came equipped with a propane floor furnace, and a gas heater.
Anyway we make it to Lake Loiuse .They have a great camp ground right on the lake with cooking huts with wood burning stoves, and you can walk into town.We get one of the huts and have dinner , play some cards stayed up kinda late since we had another
place to hang out. When we went to bed it started raining but it did'nt last long ,it turned to snow. We woke up to a foot of snow
and it was still coming down. The floor furnace kept us at 65 degrees but it was 20 degrees outside. We went into town for breakfast and were informed that there was no way out of town,this Sept.22 I picked up some more wood and we were of to the cooking hut. There was 2 stoves to each hut and I wished someone esle wold join us an stoke the the other stove up but we had the place to ourselves,it was kinda cool . M We really liked the snow being from Hawaii it was quite nov'el. My duaghters just loved it .
It was to dry to make a snow man but we ended up with over 2 feet so the would literally dive into it. We were there 3 days
and we had to take the long way back because the going to the sun Hwy. was closed for the rest of the year. I was bummed because I told myself on the way up that I would take some photo's on the way back, but there was no way back. So we leave Glacier with some fond memories. We head west into Idaho ,into some more beautiful county , even with all the national parks that we have been to Idaho
has had made a lasting impression on us. It's like the entire state is a park with camping along side beautiful rivers everywhere. Were now heading back to Seattle for a bit of a reprieve at my wife's brothers house .But first we stop by Tom 's house si can get a rack built that will fit infront of the sub-hatch, He also helps me out with a problem with my carb , Thanks Tom. We leave Tom's and just boon dock next to a lake get up early find mom's dinner and head out for another long haul into Seattle.
We spend a couple of days at Freds house then off to pick up a Eriba Puck IN Oregon.
I let fred talk me into the freeway down to Oregon But it did'nt last long . I could'nt take it so out comes the atlas for a alternitive route. I find this bitchen route into Mt.saint Helens I did'nt even have to pay and the roads were great, and they took me right into the COlumbia Gorge.
I purchased the Eriba Puck that night and had to have rewired so I could tow it home found a gas station that did the job for me,and we were out of town by 10 am. Now I'm running a pretty new DP 1600 but the hill really slow me down pulling the Puck. I don't go over 55 but I like to keep it up in that area. I think I may pull the 1600 and useit in my 64 westy in hawaii. Maybe go with a 1776 for pulling the puck or the pod as we call it now. I have a westy hitch and the 58 pulls the pod great on flat surface
but any incline and I can really feel it.
Anyway were off to the solvange meet. I love the Big Sur coast line and don't need much of an excuse to get me driving along it.
So were heading for my favorite camp ground Plaskett Creek From there we head down to San luis Obisco where my sister has a condo for a fews days, Take the time to was and wax the bus before Solvange.we camp at a RV park across the freeway from the Solvange
event not My cup of tee but the wife and kids
sure liked it. I hav'nt been to many shows but we enjoyed Solvange and people like the bus and the Eriba Puck. We actually took second place, there was a car collector with a 63 deluxe with matching Puck that was Awesome.Off to San diego put the bus in storage. Pack up and off to Hawaii. Miss the mango bus but then , I'll be back for more adventures next year. Mahalo and I hope this has'nt pissed you off what with my long winded vacation . We have many tales to tell from our cross country trips. This one was over 3,000 miles or should I say smiles. No problen except playing with the carb and changing a new voltage Reg. Aloha and ENJOY!!!

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I was asked about free camping at Oregon beaches. Specifically, the question was "so, you can just park at Oregon beaches and camp for free?"

Well, it's not quite that simple, but you CAN camp right next to the ocean in Oregon for free.

ALL Oregon beaches are the property of the state and must be open to the public. To my mind, this is as it should be. Beach access is plentiful. Oregon State Parks and the USDA Forest Service operate developed campgrounds beachside, most of which are good, but cost $15 - 20 a night, or more with hookups.

Campgrounds have "day-use" areas that are pay-to-park and overnight camping is prohibited.

But, there are undeveloped beach accesses where people park their camping rigs and stay. Understand, no toilet, no water, and you MUST take all trash with you and not dump graywater on the ground (we Oregonians are protective of our beautiful coast /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif). Also, if near a town you run the risk of the local teenagers hanging out late at night. Asking locals may help you to locate some of the good, non-party-spot places - you have to be a little flexible about your plans.

Cape Blanco on the southern Oregon coast has a cliff-top spot where you can face your sliding door oceanward and take in the sunset from about 80 feet above the beach.

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Hi -

Hoping someone can give me some advice.

I have 6 weeks this summer travelling through this area where would anyone recommend. I read a number of guidebooks and I am totally confused!

Camping locations would be appreciated as well.




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State park and USDA Forest Service campgrounds on the Oregon coast are plentiful, not expensive, and many are right next to the beach. I can personally recommend Cape Lookout, anything in the Yachacts area, and the Bandon/Cape Blanco area. But check out others, too.


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Mike- I can recommend some camping spots in the OR central coast area.
Heading N on 101 checking out cape purpetua is a must see along w/devils punchbowl. When you hit waldport hang a right on hwy 34 and follow the alsea river upstream for exactly 20 miles. Turn right on five rivers road-you will have just entered a unique place that words can only partiallly describe. Part of the siuslaw nat'l forest, this road goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane at about mile 15. On your right will be a tree farm (prindel creek) and camp spots are available for $15 a nite, in my opinion double that would still be worth it. Once a hippie commune named rainbow mist, the farm has transformed itself into a tree farm that replenishes clear cuts and fire ravaged forests.
If you check it out, tell em Barry Reiff sent ya- you won't be let down.


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This also puts you in the area to check out drift creek and some of the better summer steelhead fishing in OR. Barry


Had a lovely time at Beverly Beach park, just north of Newport, south of Lincoln City. The great thing about traveling mid winter is no people!

Beverly Beach has a nice protected spot, a very short walk to the beach. Like many of the Oregon parks, the also have Yurts for rent for $20 a night. A great alternative if you aren't in your Westy.


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Olympics in a Westy

We just completed a successful shake-down cruise in our new 1980 Westy Charlie Brown (aka Chuck).

No major issues with the motor swap, among other things.

Traveled about 200 miles this Memorial Day weekend covering about half the Olympic Loop here in Washington State.

We stayed at the Willaby Campground at Lake Quinault. Everything there is breathtaking. Don't let the a.m. fog fool you - it burns off around noon. There are no reservations, so first-come, first-serve. Three or four sites on the waterfront are perfect for a camper/Westy and we got #14 - it's fantastic w/ beach access. No hook ups, but we aren't ready for that anyhow. I don't think any of the sites in this campground offer RV hookups - and we don't mind that at all. Each site was $17 for the night. The campground also has access to the Rainforest Loop trails. All total up about 4 miles. The local Lake Quinault Mercantile has great food and killer ice cream. We were also surprisingly treated by Batdorf and Bronson Coffee at the Merc. Don't miss Sweet potato pancakes and hazlenut butter at the Lake Quinault Lodge. Overall the place is killer! Definitely worth the trip.

After three nights at the Willaby Campground, we briefly visited the Quinault Resort RV sites. These are nice for the open spaces and pay showers, but don't allow camp fires and offer absolutely no privacy. But pick your poison.

Further north along the loop we were very excited to see the Klaloch campground with so many sites and amenities with beach access. Continue trekking north along 101 to Ruby Beach for some incredible tide pools along the beach. Keep an eye on the tides to catch low tide or you'll miss them all.

Winds were a little high along the beach, so we headed inland the the advice of a friend to the South Fork of the Hoh River. I wouldn't recommend swimming as it's very cold, but the campground is fantastic. Again, no hookups, but that's no problem. Just pull off 101 on the Hoh Mainline Road and follow the signs to the South Fork Hoh Campsite. If you're looking to get away, this is the spot. Not a soul in site on Memorial Day weekend if that tells you anything.

We'll be sure to post our first real adventure now that the shake-down cruise is a success.

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Oregon Camping Spots With Waves?

Taking a trip up to see relatives in Portland this Summer, and am in desperate need of getting some waves along the way. I know the main spots, or know how to find them, but does anyone know of any locations with surfable waves where I can walk to the beach from the camp spot? Hopefully I can leave the family sleeping in the van while I go get my fill in the water. I promise not to tell anyone locations! Feel free to PM or email me if need be. Thanks!