Oven cooking in a westy

Capt. Mike

Coleman makes a folding camp oven for their stoves -- or any other for that matter. Folded, it's about 15" square by 2½" deep. When it unfolds, it sits on top of a burner with a deflector that allows the oven to heat uniformly. There is even a temperature gauge on the front door.

There is an adjustable rack. I find the upper rack works best. We use it for biscuits, cornbread, roast potato wedges and most anything else you'd cook in an oven.

They are durable -- mine is 30 years old and going strong. We use it during power failures as well as camping. When the original cardboard box disintegrated after about 15 years, my wife made a canvas carrier that holds it and the folding camp toaster together. Sits under the rear seat of the Westy when camping.


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I have used mine for a long time also (13 years) inside the camper. It can be purchased at Walmart for $28.00. I first used it w/a Coleman two burner stove on the upper bunk (upper bunk closed). I now use it on the burner closest to the sink. I had to remove the top cover for sink/burner because it can not open high enough to fit large oven box onto burner. Home-made pizza @ Yosemite, whole chicken, pecan pie, breads, etc. all can be cooked inside (because it's not 100% efficient, cooking times are usually increased by 1/3).

It's very enduring to come home and it smells like mom's cooking.


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When we can hook up to shore power I bring along my crock pot - I bungee it to the top of the stove/sink counter. Drop any kind of meat into it in the AM and dinner is done in the PM - gotta love that!