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I'm just undertaking an overhaul of my gear in my '90 Vanagon Westy. With 2 kids and two dogs it can get cramped and cluttered. I'm looking to make it more "consei" and organized. I would appreciate knowing different tips, tricks or gadgets for storage that makes the best use of all of the nooks and crannys. For example, how to store items on top of the stove that don't go flying off every time you take a corner. Thanks!!
I am in the same situation what to keep in the wesy and what to take out, what to bring along and what to leave behind. Not a lot of storage, and nothing 'traditional', like over sink cupboards. I am looking for the right sized bin that can sit on the floor, or behind the seat which can be put outside when camped. Looking for a couple place settings to leave in the cupboard, my griddle has found a home in the under the table bins. Need a coffee pot that is larger dia than the stove top. Our favrite is just barely bigger and have to be careful it doesn't shift and tilt.


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the hammock from go-westy looks like a non traditional storage system and at $8 you can't go far wrong. They also have a 'Bungee Cord Gear Hammock' which may be good for clothes but not much else. A trip to your local boating store may yield some good results as they have to deal with a 'moving' cabin in much the same way you and your Westy does.


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I have been thinking of removing the frige to create more storage. We use it for storage now, but it is so small and there is so much wasted space with it in. Does any one know if you take the fridge out can the original door be reinstalled?

I have a black and yellow heavy duty plastic storage box from Lowe's that was about 15 bucks. It is a good size to slide in and out of a Westy and has a decent seal for leaving outside. Can't remember the name and it is in the attic.

Rubbermaid also makes some heavy duty boxes you could use. They are much more expensive.
I have my fridge out right now and rehung the door. Only thing you need to do is attach some cleats to screw into, the fridge is the piece the frame screws to.

GoWesty has a kit to finish the back and add a shelf.


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What I do in my 87 westy is remove the upper bunk pads and fold out panel, leaving the hinges in place. I cut 3/4"x3'' board that screws to the hinges. This hinged board folds up to hold an amazing amount stuff from sliding off the bunk when I hit the brakes. With the top popped, every thing thats not tied down goes up there, out of the way. How often do you use that upper bunk really? It only takes ten min. to put it back if you do need it.

I also mounted a 3'' high x 2' long rail along side storage bins (table is bungied to the back of pas. seat) this keeps whatever I store there from sliding off. This could be done on the stove lid also.

Plano model 1819 storage box 3.7 cubic ft. of storage space with luggage like wheels and lots of tie downs and latches. Its water tight and fits in the top front space or slides in and out of the side door with ease.