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Recommended by Houston of Vanagon list

Coby, Heckmann & Theimann at 2327 SE Powell 503.233.4809 is generally considered to be the GL, or perhaps the Eurovan, of VW shops in Portland. It's expensive, however, I've never heard anybody complain and they always have a half dozen Vanagons in the lot. All the mechanics drive Porsches. Problem is getting in there...very busy and they don't need new customers, so they're not really responsive to people they don't have a relationship with.

I go to Steve's Personalized Imports at 7273 SE 92nd 503.771.6701, and they've always done great work and are patient and attentive to the details that I ask them to do every time, like check the fuel lines for leaks. They can usually fit me in when I want the work to happen, and they have loaner cars, which might come in handy for somebody with time to kill in Portland. The weather's nice right now, so they'd better come quick.

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jonc Moderator Member # 37 posted 06-16-2000 03:40 PM

Mountainside Import ...They are in Newberg, Southwest of Portland. Phonr 503-537-4085 recommended by vanagon list member as very gooc

Heckmann & Theimann at 2327 SE Powell 503.233.4809 is generally considered to be the GL, or perhaps the Eurovan, of VW shops in Portland.

Steve's Personalized Imports at 7273 SE 92nd
503.771.6701, and they've always done great work and are patient and attentive to the details ..." recommended by vanagon list member.

Talent, OR between Ashland & Medford

balding@bnet.org Junior Member # 299 posted 08-21-2000 05:46 PM

Pollard's Foreign Car Repair & Service
630 South Pacific Hwy. Talent OR 97540 Excellent Knowledge, saved our vacation!


Neil Wesner Junior Member # 633 posted 02-27-2001 10:57 AM

Ole Volks Home
1030 S.E. 3rd St.
Bend, Oregon 97702

Scott is their Westy specialist. He's kept my last two Westys running. Highly recommended. Feel free to contact me re: directions, etc.


Ed Pullen Member # 436 posted 09-21-2001 09:17 PM

It looks like Oregon is a good place to break down (mechanical and metaphorical - it has good vibes, although I had one bad experience: cops don't stop to help. Period.) When you see the name of this shop AND the owner's name, you may think this is a farce. Not so. It is:

The No Name Garage, Inc.
4210 West 7th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402
541 344-2251 (shop phone)
541 729-2251 (cell phone)
541 345-0877 (fax)

The owner/president is Tom Arnold. (I told you so). This is a VW shop - air and water cooled. Tom even offered to ship parts overnight to Weed, Calif. when my Westy blew his top one gnarly night. His yard fence consists of hundreds of snow skis attached vertically to the cyclone fence. This is a true VW cult classic

35 years experience, cheap! Sandy, Oregon

jeffro71 Junior Member # 1877 posted 08-08-2001 02:27 AM

Bob Norton at Pat's Auto! All vw's in Sandy Oregon. (503)668-6033

alennon Junior Member # 1941 posted 10-03-2001 10:29 PM

Just want to confirm that Bob is a great guy; 35 years in the business, honest and his prices are incredibly reasonable. He and a couple of his mechanics work out of a shop on his property in the rural area of Sandy, and they only service VWs. Needless to say, he knows all there is to know about VW's, and he drives a vanagon himself. It's a 45 minute drive for me from the Tigard area, but well worth it.


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1502 W. 7th
Owner: Joachim Lehrner

Honest, helpful, friendly and approachable, owner born and trained in Germany and owns a Westy, you can pick his brains about obscure mechanical stuff, works on VW, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.


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Eugene, re: Autohaus

As of June, 2003, Joachim Lehner has retired and sold this business. I will report on the new ownership if/when I get information and/or experience.


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This is going back 5 years or so but unlike Ed (above) I had bad luck with No Name Garage, both with my wife's Jetta and with a pre-purchase evaluation of my '90 Synchro. Missed some serious stuff of the head gasket variety, put the wrong shocks on, and some other things. Shortly after buying, I found MotionWorks, at 3rd and Lawrence in Eugene. The owner, Martin Korstad, is a hugely experienced, expert VW mechanic, a Westy owner, and is fair to a fault. Does some other lines but is way predominantly a VW shop. I highly recommend him to anyone in this area or just passing through.


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Another vote in favor of Motionworks, as mentioned above. When my mechanic retired last year, I found Martin and have been very pleased. He has a complete machine shop and does VW machine work for other VW shops in town. He's in high demand, so tends to be busy, but will help out stranded VW people as much as he can.

Update: March 2005

Martin is no longer taking new customers nor keeping regular hours at his shop. Too bad; he was a good resource for the I-5 casualties when they were towed in.


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Medford/Gold River
Don Thumler
Mobile Auto Repair
wow were we impressed with this guy, found him inside a parts store where we were looking for information on where to go to install an new altenator. don't worry he sasy i'll go get the new bosch altenator and be right back to install it...1.5 hrs labour $80 bucks and 153 bucks for a rebuilt by bosch and we were on our waYYYYYYYYYYYY. nice man too and go figure HE comes to YOU...solid service there and he knows n loves Westies


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Always V-Dub treated us fairly and got us on the road in less than 3 hours. fixed a wierd VW problem with an injector wire. Ashley was a great guy and a solid VW air cooled fan, check out his collection of VW model toys while you wait.

Always V-Dub,
1824 SE 50th Ave.


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Another thumbs up for:
Heckmann & Theimann

...helped us out recently when we got hung up on the last day of our 2 week Rocky Mtn. trip. Worked us into a busy Monday with no notice and we were back on the road by 10:30 AM. Beware the aged fuel line!

Address and info. appear in posts above.

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dipper Member Posted June 27, 2007 06:29 PM

Early June 2007: We were on day 2 of a road trip from Vancouver BC to California coast in our 92 Eurovan camper when something let go with the shifter linkage. Late at night in Portland with no 1st or 2nd gear. In the morning phoned around several places from the yellow pages/web-recommended shops that were too busy or didn't want to work on a Eurovan. I started to get a sick feeling about my roadtrip being spent in hotels in Portland at the mercy of incompetent or unscrupulous mechanics.

Heckmann & Theimann said they didn't work on Eurovans older than 95. Steve's Imports was too busy but they recommended Precision Motors at 132 NE Grand Ave. While not making any promises, Precision said they would look at it right away. I dropped it off about 9:30am, but had to go back 30 minutes later because I left my cell phone in the van. At that point they had it already hoisted and had found the problem, a busted bushing. And the part was in stock! I was back on the road at lunchtime. Restored my faith in human beings, almost like we're part of one big VW family. Had a warm fuzzy feeling for the rest of the roadtrip.

Brian C from Vancouver


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Han's Foreign Auto

As a new member to this site I would like to recommend Han’s on Glisan in Southeast Portland. I have 3 VW’s, a 96 Jetta Trek, a 84 Wolfsburg Vanagon, and an 82 Westfalia full camper. Han’s has done everything from full motor rebuilds to tune ups and brakes. They also service and maintain my wife’s Suzuki Grand Vitara. Price is right and the service is great.
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pendelton or

if you ever break down in Pendleton Oregon Obie's foriegn auto is great. My van had been running bad despite all new ignition parts. Obie spent alot of time and tracked it to a short in the temp sensor wire. 82 westy by the way. He charged me $35.00.
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No Name Garage

Thought I'd put in a current positive note about "No Name Garage." The current Owner Miles Bound was extremely nice and helpful. I had my light faiel and the key got stuck in the ignition as a result of the switch failure. I got towed to No Name, and in an hour they had me back on the road. They understood that I was travelling and time was important.
I just bought this 88 Westy and they check over a bunch of stuff before they sent me back on the road. No additional charge. Good people.


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Steve's Imports has been servicing & restoring Vanagons, Westy's & Buses for almost 40 years. Full mechanical shop & full collision & restoration center. Check us out HERE!


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Fix-Um Haus -

7104 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97203

Up in North Portland, these guys are hands down the best! Nice honest guys. Won't take my 84' westy ANYWHERE else. Unless of course we are broke down out of state!