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Stephan Pietzarka
Universal Garage
150 Binnington Court Unit #3
Kingston, Ontario K7M 8N1
(613) 546-1316

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jonc Moderator Member # 37 posted 01-01-2001 08:33 AM

Lorne Park Car Centre (its in the west end of Toronto) Rolf the owner and mechanic, 905-823-8787.

He does (in my opinion) excellent work and is a german mechanic who has specialised in VW work for many years.

Does complete work and specializes in motor rebuilds and upgrades

He will replace your 1.9 or 2.1 waterboxer with a rebuilt 1.8 litre golf engine. Its exactly the configuration he has installed in his own 85 Westfalia daily driver.

Ron Mighton Toronto, Canada

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VW_NUTT Junior Member Posted February 23, 2005 12:55 PM

Did you call Becker Automotive,over on Suburban St. 837-2210? He is very good and specializes in Volkswagons. There is also a guy just north of Fergus (I think his name was Stephan) does a lot of restoration work on westys. Can't miss his house, it is surounded with vanagons.


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In Toronto try Peter's Volkswagon. Talk to Mike. He is a straight shooter. He is located at 1151 Roselawn (off Dufferin just a little bit north of Eglinton on west side) - 416.783.2126

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Hans Isernhagen Junior Member Posted October 17, 2005 11:14 AM

Hello you 2;

Try Frank Condelli @ Ass. e-Mail: Fkc43@aol.com
He makes a living with Westfalia and owns a small shop in Almonte, ON, Canada.
His advise on the fridge helped me out and it did not cost me a dime.


Paul and HC

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Willie and Karl of Sarnia, ON did an inspection for me on a long distance purchase. This shop was recommended as a trustworthy shop
and gave me their thumbs up. However, when the vehicle was delivered front brake caliper was locked up, brake lines near rotted out, fuel tank straps rotted out smell of fuel in rear compartment, speedo non-functional, water temperature sender defunct, crack in thermostat housing, coolant pipes cracked with coolant hoses bulging near failure, fuel sender rotted out, driver side door would not stay shut, wiper arms loose.

modified because I forgot to mention the two spent CV joints.

2/15/06 Due to issues with fuel tank strap anchoring point, quite some time passed to repair undercarriage corrsion issues. In the meantime, general maintenance problems noted above have been addressed. Given the plethora of problems, it was elected to perform an engine swap since the vehicle was diasassembled. So on to today, fired up engine again after engine swap. Temperature running high with thermostat now in place leads to the discovery of radiator clogged with debris and corrosion, poorly functioning radiator fan.


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McArthur motors in Ottawa treated me well when I got stranded earlier this month. Lino has a yard full of old VW's and drives a Vanagon. He had me in an hour after I called and had me on the road two hours later.

457 McArthur Ave
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G3
(613) 745-8801
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Update on Joe's air Cooled Technology in Cornwall

new address: 16569 Post Road
new phone: 613-577-7888