Oldie but goodie - OEM heater - 90 T3


Right now, when parked, we use an electric heater. Being tied to an electric outlet in cold weather (45F or lower) obviously constrains park, etc. we can use overnight. Without going through an extended discussion about alternate heaters, can the OEM heater be retrofitted? If so, a) does replace the existing rear heater core (we don't use now) and b) how much additional (relative to the h/w core&fan) volume does it take up?

To set the basic constraints: the fridge stays (we seem to be the unusual people for whom the Dometic works quite nicely); no external wires, hoses, etc.; and losing volume under the rear set must be held to a minimum. In short, we have a functional cruising setup that works quite well for us. Except we want to not be tied to a 110V heater. For now, the question is whether running down an OEM heater is worth the effort.

Yes, I know about under-body units. Yes, they deserve their own thread. Yes, I'm sure this question is covered somewhere else. [/ smile]