Has anyone ever dealt with OEVEEDUB? They are located in out of the way Colorado. Thier website features lots of repair/restoration/replacement part for all manner of VW'S. I find it odd that I have never heard of them on this site before. Does anyone out there have any experiance with them?


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They've apparently been around a while. I found them on my list of VW links dating back to 2003. I did some parts checks on their site. They appear to have a large selection, though I found errors in a couple of test numbers -- Syncro F. Outer CV boot kits and VW Bug fuel sender gskts. I wish they had more pictures -- too many red X's so you can't see the product. I priced several items I recently purchased from W. Coast Metrics & Wolfsburg West and they were considerably higher, but they are one of the few I've seen carrying an extensive line of sheet metal restoration parts and many are European made. At least they have full contact info & a real address so they don't appear to be a 'dba' Internet sales only site.

Update 4/1/07: I called and spoke with the owner, Richard. He says they have been in business for 8 years and even supply other vendors such as GoWesty with some OEM German parts. He stated some health issues had him behind on site pics and catalog, but they are working on them.

:cool: Do NOT confuse with JUST VEE DUB -- which has its own topic this forum.
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This is sort of a 2nd-hand recommendation. My antique Bug has one of those illusive running problem I haven't been able (or time) to run down. I took it to a private mechanic that my family has used for at least 25 years. He has built show Bugs and a racing Bug. He was a VW dealer tech for probably 15 of those years. When we got into a discussion of parts, he told me he was using OE VeeDub for OE & OEM German parts. Since he's a person I trust implicably with my cars, I consider his recommendation as good as my own.

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OE Veedub sold their business to Mid America motorworks a few years ago. You can still find vanagon/bus stuff there using the search.