Noise from rear. Engine? Transmission? Axles?


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Hello. This is just a follow up from my previous post. I finally poked around enought and found a pitted right inner CV joint causing the clunking noise. Replaced it and cleaned/repacked the others, and no more noise.

Cro Alistair

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...topic of clunk noises..

when i come to a stop and/or turn off the ignition in my stock 86 westy, i hear a delayed clunk noise which sounds like a compartment panel becoming undented...heat/air lock related ???.....anyone experience this ???? is a one-clump/thump sound which may be heard shortly after (up to a 5-10 second delay) after stopping and/or turning off the ignition....thanx in advance....


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I had the exact same noise: a resonant thunk from below and the rear occurring about 10 seconds after coming to a stop -- both with the engine running and shut off.

My mechanic says it's a plugged evaporator purge unit in the fuel system, (discontinued) part # 49133517. (He said my CV joints are fine.)

Bizarre that the same symptom should be from two radically different sources. I've decided to live with it and just make sure my AAA is always paid up...