Noise behind refrigerator, QUICK HELP NEEDED.

Traveling in my recently purchased 1990 Westy Vanagon. Engine off, there is a loud humming/buzzing, maybe small motor or transformer sound. Sound most audible from inside the refrigerator. Touching the back wall of the refrigerator you can feel slight vibration. I have never turned on the refrigerator as I know the reputation. I have not touched the refrigerator controls and after a drive today, the humming is still audible with the vehicle off. Refrig not cold. Controls indicate OFF.
Any ideas on what the humming/buzzing sound is? or, how fast will it run down my battery? Thanks very kindly for any help you all can provide.


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We have a '94 Westfalia. The fridge works, but we've always wondered why there is always a high pitched hum seemingly coming from the fridge even when the engine and fridge are off. We wonder if it runs down the battery too.


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The refrigerator has a condenser fan that comes on whenever the temperature at the fan reaches 110-120 F. This fan has a full-time 12-volt supply, so it operates even when the refrigerator and/or ignition switch are off. If the refrigerator side of the van is in the sun, the fan may come on even if the refrigerator is not on. It may also be the water pump in the water reservoir running due to a problem in the faucet. The refrigerator fan pulls very little power so it is unlikely that it will drain the battery, but the pump will. Try pulling the fuses in the small fuse box behind the driver's seat to see if the sound stops.
Howdy Santa Fe,
Any luck on chasing that noise behind the fridge? The original fan in my 84 started to wear out. I replaced the fan with a modern upgrade and wow, what a difference! i ended up with two and would sell you @30% less than new and some shipping. The job is not too hard to replace the fan and no longer do I see the battery light go from green to yellow.
Cheers, Steve 970-736-1167