No Power...


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Hello all.

I have been restoring a late 84 westy, basically a 85, and have run across some trouble with my water system.

The original faucet was cracked and broken so I bought a shurflo upgrade with all the necessary adapters and the city water adapter.
Got it all installed, put some water int the tank, and nothing happened :(

I am a first time owner and kind of learning on the fly so I may have missed something extremely simple.

I replaced all the fuses, including the 2 located behind the drivers seat.

I do NOT have a auxiliary battery system or anything like that, I noticed that in the little storage area behind the drivers seat there is a relay. Several wires are hooked up to it including the two wires that go to the little fuse box behind the seat, which i believe connects to the fridge and water pump?

I have noticed that when I flick the switch on the front of the stove from the battery level indicator to the water level indicator that no lights light up on the water level side wirth water in the tank (the battery level side DOES work)

Lastly, I took a little circuit tester and checked to see if there was any power going to the pump or the faucet and there is NOT.

If i remember correctly I think that there was no power goin to the small fuse box either? Cant remember tho :-/

sorry its so long just trying to be thorough. PLEASE help me figure out where I should start trying to get this corrected.


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If you remove the screw on top of your faucet, you will notice a simple brass connection. When that head is rotated, the brass parts contact each other and then you have electrical current. It is necessary to clean the brass connections every so often to create that contact.