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Here's a starter post. A had an oil-change service & tire rotation done here during a 6-week, 8000 mile trip to Newfoundland. Like all of Newfoundland, everybody was just as pleasant & helpful as can be.

Bill Matthews Autohaus Ltd. (VW-Audi)
211 Kenmount Rd.
St. John's Fld. A1B 4B8
fax 709-726-5017


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Capt. Mike et al:
Doesn't anyone else have any info on Newfoundland VW mechanics? We are making our second trip to Newfoundland this July (for three weeks), but our first with our newly acquired 1985 Westy Camper. It would be nice to have a good list of places that can work on them, just in case.
Thnx for the start on this discussion group, Capt. Mike. As you and I know, Newfoundland is a great place to visit. Highly recommended. The people are great and the scenery, especially on the wild West Coast, is unbelievably impressive.

Capt. Mike

When on the road in an unknown area, unless you have positive recommendations from someone you trust, you are better staying with the dealer network. First, they are supposed to be trained and have the necessary parts supply and tools and most importantly you have recourse if something goes wrong.

Most dealerships have the current list of dealerships (borrow one from a new car & photocopy); you can get them from VW direct; and last I looked, you could even download them from the Internet.


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I am in ST Johns now .. Stones and ARN are both in the St John's book and about a mile apart . . . Stones is 967 Top Sail Road.

Good luck, Jonc

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jonc:
I am in _ST Johns_ now .. Stones and ARN are both in the St John's book and about a mile apart . . . Stones is 967 Top Sail Road.

Good luck, Jonc

PS I just left Labrador City... as in Newfound and Labrador... there is a VW Service dealer there... a German who has been running the business for 46 years... His wife has an 86 westy... the shop mechanics are very westy knowledgeable...the 86 is in mint shape ... in labrador city there is no salt on the roads and no salt water for more than a hundred miles... there is also no rust...on the other hand, St Johns Newfoundland my be the rust capitol of the western hemisphere... they salt the roads heavily and when the wind blows hard you can scrape the salt off the windows with a razor...

There are some good wrench men in Newfoundland... Wayne Stone sells lots of them parts and will talk them through any rough spots... wayne is a second generation VW mechanic and quite knowledgeable about westies

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I found a good deal on a couple of used Vanagon parts at Schinagl's Service on Bay Bulls Big Pong road, a little outside of downtown St.Johns. The owner was an old Austrian gent who may be retiring soon, but he had lots of knowledge of VW's and quite a few spare parts.
Service in St. John's

This is an update to older posts.

Franz Schnagel is still at Bay Bulls Big Pond, and can still find used parts.

Bill Matthews Volkswagen has moved to a new location further out Kenmount Road, but the phone number remains the same.

Stone is not longer "in the book."

I rely on:

T.J.'s Place, Import Auto Specialists
16 Harbourview Avenue
St. John's

(709) 753-7373

T.J. takes care of my '85 Westy just fine.

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Schnagl's is essentially closed now. Arns is closed, as is Stone's. Paul Arns now works at Cdn Tire Merchant Drive Mount Pearl (sub-urb of St. John's) He knows his way around the mechanicals of watercooled stuff He is "the man" for VW gearbox rebuilds; He may not be of much assistance with "Camper stuff". TheDealership has relocated to a little further west on Kenmount Road, St. JOhn's, same tel number - 726-4494 Blair is the Parts manager and is very adept with all manner of ac and wc busses. He calls my Eurovan Westy an "enigma" though. TJ's may be able to help in a pinch - they are on Harbourview avenue in the far north east of the City off Torbay Road. is the sit foer the Volkwagen Owners Group of NL and typically you will find a hard core bunhc of folks there that will be very helpful and knowledgeble about where you might find back yard pats inventories in a pinch as well.

C&C Auto on Merrymeeting Road in St. John's (579-6100) know their way around Vanagons and Bay window buses.