New westfailia owner, advice needed :)


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Hey guys, as of yesterday I am the proud owner of my first VW campervan. So happy with it. i have been dreaming of owning one for many years. I am new to the scene so any advice at all that you think I might need is very welcome. The first problem i am having is trying to find a decent insurer, its a 1970 import from California so the first couple of brokers I have tried have turned me down. The bus is a 1969 (reg 1970) Type 2 Westfalia 2.0ltr imported from California in 2008. Any history, or information that you think might be of use to me is greatly appreciated. Thanks, and look forwards to joining the vw community when I get home from offshore :)camper1.jpgcamper3.jpgcamper4.jpgcamper5.jpg