New owner but long time lover


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Hi everyone my name is Cody I’ve spent my childhood traveling with my grandfather in our 1985 VW van. Over the years our van became more than just a way to get around but she’s become family and the closest thing to a Home I’ve ever had . Wy grandfather got sick about 7 years ago and was no longer able to drive her in hopes he would get better we had her sitting waiting for him but sadly that day never came. A few years ago I took over ownership of the van and got her safely into my garage but sadly I did not have the money or knowledge to fix her up from the years of sitting (although she was still working fine until she was unable to be driven by my grandfather. In honor of my grandfather i am trying to restore our baby to her former glory and hoping some local people on here can help me get on the right path. I don’t have a lot of money or resources but I have the heart and need to fix here for my grandfather to try and take him on one last adventure. So I’m asking all of you here for any advice you can give me on what to do.