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Sante Fe

Jeb and Jim at Foreign Auto Service Techs (or FAST). We had a major fuel smell coming from the rear of our westy, but no signs anywhere of a fuel leak. Jeb found the problem quickly (broken venting hose connecter), and was able to fix it quickly and cheaply. This place does a heck of a lot of busness, and we saw many type 2's and vanagons in their parking lot. They're very understanding and helpful to travellers, and from us come highly reccomended.
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Gearhart Motorworks out of Belen is good. I bought a bus from the owner's son that is excellent. They put in a new engine (they built), rebuilt cv joints, new scat shifter electronic ignition, and new brakes.

They are friendly, courteous, and put a lot of care into their work.
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Just Vee Dubs (Alburquerque?)

scruffyboy Member Posted August 04, 2007 10:22 PM

Last word has JVD located in New Mexico. These people are strictly rip-off artists. There are several posts on The Samba buyer-seller feedback regarding this business. The states attorney(s) for CA, AZ, are investigating as well as the FBI's internet fraud division. Just Vee Dubs should be avoided at all costs.