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Mickleton NJ recommended by Busbones

Richies Garage 609 423 8244
More later on this highly recommened mechanic.

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Millville NJ recommended by Jonc

jonc Moderator Member # 37 posted 06-16-2000 02:40 PM

Ken Wilford
2001 Lakeshore DR
Millville NJ 08332
shop phone 856=327-0027
aux phone 856-765-1583

Has the stuff... does the job... Prices fair
Westfalia specific expertise... My experience was so positive that I scheduled some major work for the Fall of 2000.


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Highlands NJ
Auto Imports in Highlands NJ. Joe is extremely knowledgeable. He replaced the squeaky bushings in my front end (westy is wonderfully quiet now). Definitely worth the trip from NY/NJ area. Dont forget to grab a bite to eat at The Chuckling Parrot down the street. hook682

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Clarence's VW Riveredge, NJ Clarence's VW is 90% Bus-friendly. They have been written up in the NY Times for thier work.

They specialize in ground-up restorations. It is a family business. The father (Clarence apparently does all the 'fun stuff' welding, etc.) His daughter is the engine rebuilder, and was cited in the Times for her attention to detail.

His website boasts "VWs as far as the eye can see"
Pretty true, but be careful. He knows the value of every little knob for which you are looking.

Sorry, don't have his URL, but I'm sure he can be found on any search engine using the following:

Clarence's VW Riveredge, NJ

Very pleasant people. Anxious to hear feedback!

Ron Wolff
'76 Westy
'78 SB Conv
'74 SB Auto-stick


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I have had much luck at
Kern Auto Repair
VW Specialist
305 Wagaraw RD
Hawthorne NJ 07506
973-427 9419
The guys name is Joe. He is older, so he makes his own hours. very honest and right on.


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hi. i tried to search for this shop and couldn't find it. does anyone know if it is still around or if it's nam has changed? Or better yet if there is a good westy mechanic in or around brooklyn?

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Clarence's VW is 90% Bus-friendly. They have been written up in the NY Times for thier work.

Clarence's VW Riveredge, NJ<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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James Conlin

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Clarence has retired, he had a mechanic that took over the business but was worthless on his own. I had fuel lines replaced, within months I had to have Compass motors VW dealer in N.Y. redo the job as I was leaking gas dangerously everywhere. Ken Wilford at Van-again is terrific. Another VW mechanic in the middle of nowhere!