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pascal giasson

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This garage has over 30 years experience with VW. Always treated me very good for over 18 years from air cooled to watercooled VW's. This is a small garage on the outskirts of town.
Very reasonable rates.

Gunther's Repair & Service
864 St. Mary's Street
Fredericton NB


I second Gunther's

Gunther's has been fixing my many VW's for years, they DON'T try to rip you off like the stealership.

Gilwell II

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While on vacation in Fundy Nat'l Park we had problems. At one point I thought the van was on fire. We nursed it into Moncton and took it to a performance shop we had been told about. After some preliminary checks I heard something that I had never heard before from a mechanic. He said, " I can fix this but I know someone who can do a better job." We then followed him to AUTOBAHN AUTOHAUS. Compression was all out of whack. Oil plug was stripped and there were other really bad symtoms. We thought we were looking at an egine replacement at one point. They gave us a drive to a motel and we left the rig with them. They said call tomorrow at 1100. When I called the van was ready to go and the bill was less than $450.00. The owner and one his mechanics had come in after supper to work on it and they spend a couple more hours on it the next morning. We were truly impressed and soon westbound for Ontario. Stopped in on the way back for a new master cylinder on the brakes and some minor repairs. Dropped off a glass container of amber fluid as a thank you as well. All the pertinent data is in the van and she is in storage until winter is over. Can't get her out until some time in May. By then the salt should be all washed away. I will fwd address and 'phone # later.

[Moderator Note: Autobahn Auto Haus,
33 Blakney Street, Moncton, NB E1A 4B8
Telephone: 506-382-3886]
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