New Brakes Squeaking Noise Loud and Obnoxious


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I've finally got my new brakes to stop squealing.

I replaced everything, new Brembo rotors with bearings and seals, Rebuilt Calipers, ATE Brake Pads. I did some front end work 1st replacing the top ball joint and the tie-rod ends.

You think with all that I would have minimal brake noise but no, I was a screaming 83 Vanagon going down the road.

I started by checking the rotor bearing axle nut, 1 seemed too loose so I tightened it just a little so the rotor didn't have any play and re-peaned the nut.

Then I got a brake pad lubricant as described in many reviews; Brake Pads Silicone Lubricant - ATE 70015. This was applied to all areas where the metal contacted other metal parts but mostly between the brake shim and the brake pad.

Lastly I found a reference to chamfering the brake pad edges. The ATE brand does not factory chamfer its pads. I put a 1/4" 45 degree bevel on the leading edges of the pads with my bench grinder.

Sadly I found later that the Bosch QuietCast has a special rubber shims and is also factory chamfered. In hindsight this would have been my 1st choice.

Still with these all these improvements all of my brake noise is gone.