Need vacuum source for cruise control


This is driving me nuts - I'm trying to find out where I can tap an existing vacuum line to service the servo for a CCS-100 cruise control servo. I apologize for cross-posting the following but I've gotten zero response from all other attempts.

Murphs Kits
is selling the AudioVox CCS-100 in OEM form (white box, bags of parts, you print out the on-line manual PDF) for $170 plus $17 for a vacuum canister. I've dealt with Murph for several years; finest kind person and finest kind company.

DISCLAIMER: I have no connection with Murphs Kits save as a customer.

My remaining problem is trying to find a vacuum tap for the servo. At this point, I've identified a possible candidate. The line originates at the throttle body and goes to the charcoal canister valve (line outlined in red) and returns from the valve to the idle control valve (line outlined in green). My plan is to insert a T in the red portion of this line and lead it off to the vacuum canister (tied to the servo's vacuum line). Would doing this cause engine problems of any sort? The engine is a GW 2.2L WBX.