My son just bought a 1981 Westfalia


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Thank you for the forum. I did a search and didn't seem to find this answer, I'm hoping somebody here can help. The interior wiring for the kitchen unit is far from stock. I manged to get the sink faucet working but its not wired properly yet. The positive lead from the battery to the kitchen unit isn't fused. I see pics of a circuit breaker on the wall behind the drivers seat but this van doesn't have it. It had a fuse at one point to the faucet motor but its missing. Also the 110V is wired directly to the interior wall plug. My questions are - I'll wire in a fuse at the 12v source at the battery, what amperage should I use? What amperage should I use at the faucet pump and the fridge on the 12v circuit? I'm assuming there should be a breaker on the 110v circuit, what size breaker? The fridge doesn't work on 110v or 12v. I read the van has to be running ( assuming its wired up correctly ) for the 12v fridge selection to work, is this correct and if so, how does the system know the engine is running? I see the 110v portion of the fridge is plugged into a wall socket inside the cupboard on the r/s. That socket doesn't have power because the 110v is hard wired into the wall socket only. Can i plug the fridge directly into a extension card to test for 110v operation? Thank you so much.