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I recently called one of the local VW dealers here only to be told they don't work on Vanagons. Dick Dean Volkswagon in Kirkwood, MO. However, I did find a garage on old Route 66 who does. Wolfsburg Volkswagon on Watson Rd. The did a good job on mine and even let me get a "new" grille of of one of their junkers for my westy. Only cost me 20 dollars and beat the cracked one I was using. Fred

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<Gene & Heide> Posted February 20, 2001 01:55 AM

Mid-America VW in Hazelwood, MO charged me to "re-route" incorrectly connected fuel lines. I now know that what they claimed they did is pysically impossible.


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B & C Auto

I had some work done on my 78 Westy at B & C Auto north of Freeburg MO, on US 63. This site is a VW junkyard and they only work on VWs. This was my first time taking the Westy to a mechanic of any kind, so I can't say much from experience. They did everything I asked, and fixed some problems that they discovered, calling each time before they did anything. Price was reasonable and mechanics were friendly guys. All in all a good experience.
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