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Oh my aching back!

I guess not funny at the time, but we laugh about it now. My wife and I drove down to Florida from Chicago, a few days before we were to go back home, my back went out (happens from time to time and bed rest is the only thing that cures the problem). I could not drive, Su doesn't care to drive. I couldn't even sit in the front seat, I had to lay on the bed the entire trip. I can still hear her complaining about all the trucks and traffic as we (she) drove through the larger cities. We really do laugh about it now. BTW, I'm new here and am glad I found the site.

The "First Hippie Family?"

scruffyboy Member Posted March 22, 2005 11:19 PM

For some strange and unknown reason (to me at the time) my parents decided to sell the house on the beach, load all 5 of us kids into this funny looking van, and head east. The year was 1959, The van was a 21 window Deluxe with the 36 horse mill. We wound up spending 6 wonderful years in Aspen Colorado. (BEFORE it got gentrified)

I still remember the amazed looks from the Jeep drivers as we'd make our way up or down some difficult mountain trail,just another outing or picnic in the mountains. The 7 or 8 pairs of skis sticking up from the custom made rack on the back of the van heading up to the slopes for the day. The van was amazing, it always did what was asked of it with just a little care and attention. I still wonder what happened to it.

Califronia style

judlandis Super Member Posted April 01, 2004 12:43 PM

Pacific Coast Highway, last week:

We are driving south near Big Sur in the '89 Westy. Around a curve comes a similar Westy, only the pop-top is fully open at about 45 mph. I lay on the horn and point upwards urgently as the driver passes. He smiles, points upward, and nods his head "yes."

Far be it from me to tell another man how to drive his Westy.........


You fell out of the child cot!

Howitzervw Member Posted May 23, 2003 10:22 AM

Hi, I'm new to the westy forums but not new to vw's by any means. I saw this forum and it b rought back a ton of memories of my friends and I zigzagging back and forth across the country in a 69 westy, and an 85 westy.

My buddy and I had just left devils tower and were heading in the general direction of our next stop, Glacier park for some hiking and r&r. On some highway truckstop parking lot(details are getting harder to remember as time goes by) we set up to catch some zzz's for a couple of hours. I drew the fold out bed in clam chowder(my old 69) and my buddy got the top cot.

I passed out cold and was rudely awakened by a loud rrriiippppp and then a thwummppp and then aaaahhhhh!!!!. I looked up from deep sleep and said "ha ha you fell out of the childs cot you dumb@#*& !! -never mind the fact that I left the childs cot back in PA!!!
My buddy fired back " jack2$#$# the cot just ripped, and get me unstuck!

Clearing the fuzz from my head I finally get a good look at whats goin' on- my buddy had fallen 6ft when the dry rotted cot split open, dropping him azz first between the icebox and the folded out bed. His legs were literally pointed straight up next to his head like a contortionist!!. I wish I could say the rest of the trip was uneventfull but lets just say our road trip stopped abruptly when we launched a connecting rod out of the case goin' down a hill outside of port angeles. I guess thats another story altogether. -- Barry

Engaged in a Vanagon

redcanary Junior Member Posted December 16, 2002 06:45 PM

This last week, me and the love of my life took a trip up the Big Sur Coast line in California to a spot where a waterfall crashes into the Pacific Ocean. I had planned on walking closer to the water, but the pouring rain prevented it. So we just sat right there in the Vanagon watching the rain fall along with the rushing waterfall.

I asked her to marry me in the Vanagon. What a joy. We were in our own cozy cabin on wheels, while the rain fell outside. God bless the Vanagon.

Are you SURE this is yhour Westy?

RichardBulis Member Posted April 08, 2001 07:26 PM

I was coming out of Costco a while back with a full cart. Pulling up to my '87 westy, I first thought I put everything in the back hatch, but when I put my face to the glass, I saw alot of stuff in there and thought I'd better put my purchases in the side door. Got to the side door and looking in the window remembered that the dog was in there, so it's back to the rear hatch. As I turned around, a man was hovering over me. "Can I help you?" he brusquely inquired. "No thanks", I replied, "just want to put my stuff in my bus."

"You mean MY BUS!" he exclamed.

"I don't think so, let's take a look!" I led him to the the rear of the bus and pointed to the License plate: "FABULIS".

"Yep, since that there's my name, I guess that makes this MY bus!"

To his horror, he had parked HIS '87 white westy ( with the same oh-so-fetching black bra ) exactly one row over, in the same position as mine. We had a good laugh over that one.

Ice cream on the go

Birdmaster Member Posted February 13, 2001 03:21 AM

Last summer,me and my wife were camping out at a remote,very remote forest service campground next to a large lake. To get to this campground involved a long drive down a fairly rough logging. During the middle of the day we were just sitting back relaxing,when we heard music. It sounded like an icecream truck.From our campsite we could see the logging road, so we watched it to see what was making the the music,and to our amazement it was a icecream truck. It just drove by singing along.It drove further up the logging road until we could no lnger hear it. About two hours later it drove back still playing it's music. It drove away and we never saw it again. That was strange, we were in the middle of nowhere.


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Westy for a t-shirt

So here's a pretty neat story about how I got my first Westy.
I was at a Love Your Mother Earth music/arts/low impact living festival outside of Missoula, MT in my 1977 Dodge Sportman with my college roommates. A guy, Mark, was parked a couple spots down from me had a Sportman just like mine, so we were talking and exchanging stories about our campers. We hit it off, and I had made a bunch of tie-dyed t-shirts to trade and give away at the festival, so I gave one to Mark. We continued to shoot the breeze, and Mark said, "Hey, I've got a 1979 Westfalia and I'm not doing anything with it. Do you want it?" Naturally, I said "Hell yeah I want it!" Mark told me, "OK. You just traded a t-shirt for a bus." I picked it up from him 2 days later.
The bus had been abandoned at a brewery some 5 years previous. It sat at the brewery for 6 months before one of the bar tenders took it as her own. She gave it away. That guy traded it for a case of beer. That guy traded it to Mark for A beer. And Mark gave it to me for a tie-dyed t-shirt. The license plates now read "SHKDWN" (like Shakedown Street) The radio didn't work until I titled and registered the bus. I think it loves me.