Mid-America; formerly Rocky Mountain Motorworks

Capt. Mike

Rocky Mountain Motorworks is a large dealer in VW parts including a large selection of OE & OEM items. I've heard few complaints of their service and quality and have been told their product managers keep a close watch on this site for ideas and needs.

1003 Tamarac Parkway
Woodland Park CO 80863
fax 719-687-3064
Web site: www.motorworks.com


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Very good experience with RMM:

Ordered a carpet 1yr ago. Finally approached install stage and seam was right in the middle of floor and began to fray, looked horrible.

Sent simple letter stating problem.


Although RMM no longer utilizes that carpet style, they honored thier lifetime warranty and actually tracked down the long-lost supplier to ensure a perfect color match.

They sent me a large rough-cut of the carpet with no questions asked, and although it was a "ROUGH CUT", they went beyond the call of duty, in my opinion.

It matched perfectly, can't remove what is already glued to the floor or all the fibres pull out. Still need to go have a tailor figure out the best way to fix.

Finally, I received a follow-up call from a Jerry (believe a VP) to make sure I rec'd and was satisfied with carpet.

Hey, people make mistakes (i.e. original carpet)...these folks were quick to do what it takes to make the best of a bad situation.

Ron W

Capt. Mike

Alas, the good die young. It appears Rocky Mountain MotorWorks is no more. A recent visit to their web-site found it closed and announcing the "integration" into Mid-America.

Mid-America started life as PB Tweeks, specializing in Porsche. It's not to say they are bad -- and they have a fair supply of older vehicle parts and restoration products, but they are also 'big corporate' and not attuned to the speciality market like RMMW was. Nor is customer service their strong point. Their catalogs are less than accurate at times and they frequently carry stuff they don't have and can't get.

Sorry to see RMMW go; something about success puts a company on the auction block for the big boys to buy out their competition.


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I spoke with Mid-America Motorworks a few weeks ago about Vanagon parts. They are getting out of the Vanagon game completely. They have already sold off their stock of Vanagon parts. I guess you should only check them out if you need bug or bus parts. Just FYI.

Capt. Mike

I spent a while on Mid-America's site looking at both Type II and Beetle parts. I'm sure the founders of Rocky Mountain Motorworks are spinning in their graves (or jacuzzi's.) Another case of buying out the competition instead of coming up to their standards.

Bus -- Ken is right; there's nothing for Vanagons and what little there is for busses is mostly aftermarket. They don't even offer Type II oil filters!

When I tried some Bug checks, I found things only a little better and prices were no bargains.

PB Tweeks, when it was free-standing Porsche, was pretty good for variety, stock and OEM quality. Now that Mid-America is running the show, it has deteriorated considerably. The VW side appears to have done it (the slide downhill) one-better. All glitz and no substance.

Chris Nowak

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Message from RMM owner

I'm sorry to hear Mid America has not met your expectations. They are truly the major player in the Corvette aftermarket where their passion lies, not Porsche or VW. RMM was truly passionate about VWs and attracted gear heads from all over the world to join our team. And we had a blast serving you.
As for selling to Mid America, it was time for me to move onto other things after 18 years of RMM and some really tough times after 9-11. I'm currently building a solar home at 8600' near Manitou Spring Colorado and writing a self help book about self love. I miss the VW community and all the great friends I made over the years. I want to say that I mostly miss Loren at WCM who inspired me to start my business and challenged me to be better.
All the best,
Chris Nowak

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Chris, I too miss RMM, it was the best source for vanagon as well as most other VW parts. Nothing has come close since it. Glad your doing well and wish you peace.
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