Mexico December 2007


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I think it's more appropriated to post in the Event & Activites than in the Destination section... it's a event after all.

Next November/December 2007 a group of Westy (between 5 and 100) will travel from Canada across USA and deep into Mexico, i said Canada because it's the further up north and we are going south, but in that group (already around 40).

The reason: Frank Condelli daugher, the host of the Busfusion show in Ontario, April, is getting maried in a small town (near Mexico city), her bofriend is native from taht small town, they now live in California but the wedding will be in Zamora, so Frank told me: I have a problem, the groom side have already more than 300 guests, we are only 3! so i he ask me if i would like to come and on the same time make the trip in our westy! friends around where also interested.... so we told ourself, let's get some westy friends and let's all go together, so we started a Yahoo list for that purpose, if you are interested to join us, well, join the group.

There is folks from everywhere in North America already, many mechanic. You need to do an introductory first post, Frank will tell you.

Here is the link:

Best regards, Ben