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Gapland MD

jonc Moderator Member # 37 posted 10-24-2000 07:54 PM

Westy Ventures ...Karl Mullendore 3333 Gapland road.

Just off Maryland Hwy67 -- absolutly top flight in all ways . . . a personal recommendation.

RS Jennnings Junior Member # 2242 posted 10-05-2001 10:21 AM

Karl at Westy Ventures, the Maryland Westy mechanic in Gapland Jon C recommends in the mid-Atlantic states section, just closed up shop and is no longer in business. You should remove him from the list. As a Washington DC Westy owner this leaves few options.

Steve Williams Member # 535 posted 10-05-2001 04:07 PM

Greeting RSJennings: Sorry to hear of Karl's departure. I was hoping to work with him on a South African engine replacement. My only experience, since moving from Colorado, was @ Wheaton Service Center, LTD. (301-949-3144). They seemed professional and knowledgeable on the CO adjustment for my 84 Westy. Good luck,

westyman Junior Member # 2343 posted 11-02-2001 10:19 PM

Hey all, I'm not gone yet! There's a good chance I'll be reopening a larger, better shop once I figure out just where I want to be. I still love the part of MD I am in, but dream constantly of living in the west, and most likely will move somewhere in NW Oregon, but still have thoughts of western NC, near Asheville. I may be back in the spring after Westying (is that a word??) around the West and snowboarding all winter, might be up for another Tiico swap if the timing works. I hate leaving so many great customers, but there comes a time in one's life when you need to ask if you are toatlly happy where you are, and right now I must say no, I'm not. Will keep in touch, anyone interested in updates email me.


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For those that are left wondering....I am plannning to reopen for business in late summer, in Asheville, NC. I will be specializing in engine conversions, Syncro upgrades, and Westy rentals. Well, maybe a bit of general repair to fill in until the new venture takes off. I'm working on aquiring a building that presently houses another VW repair shop, specializing in older buses, called 'Back from the Dead'. If that works out, it will be a great hospital for any year van. Stay tuned.....

Karl Mullendore
Westy Ventures
Gapland, MD


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Seems I can't decide whether to move west (Bellingham, WA), or south (Asheville, NC). By winter I will be in one or the other! BTW, I am still doing occasional Vanagon work when in town, between travels to each area.


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Still quite alive and kicking

There seems to be confusion as to whether Westy Ventures is open or not open for business. There was a period of years from 2001-2005 where I was searching for a new location, taking more extended roadtrips, but at the same time was doing work here in Maryland when in town. The business is running full time now and has been since late 2005, still in the same location in Gapland, Maryland. I am focusing more these days in only diesel conversions, a few of my own specialty products, and the Propex heater distributorship.

That said...every time I take a roadtrip in my Westy TDI, I am scouting for possible locations, as I have far outgrown the smallish 24x48 building I've used on my family property since 1981 when I opened the biz.


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Westy Ventures now in Oregon

Westy Ventures has officially moved to La Pine, Oregon as on February, 2015. New number is 541-306-3959.

Karl Mullendore, owner