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Continental Car Services, in Winnipeg. (An independent shop operating since the 70's.)

I highly, highly recommend them.

Marshall Ruskin
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up my '82 Westpahalia, there was three other Westies in for pre-summer checkups. They bill themselves as "the dealership alternative".

Larry Sweigard

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Anyone interested in getting there westy fixed for CHEAP!!! Give me an email and I'll give you the low down how to get it done in Winnipeg for cheap. I got my clutch fixed, heater tubes fixed, horn fixed, installed a battery isolator and inverter for all under 700 bucks because the guy I know does such cheap work and he's fast and knows what he's doing!!! Email me at if you are interested and I can try to get a contact number for you.

Mark Rainer


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I had an emergency problem while on vacation and the guys at EK Import Auto Service in Winnipeg fixed it very quickly.

This is a primary Volkswagen shop. All the photos on the walls in the waiting room are of VWs. They only sell used VWs. Frank, the owner or senior partner, is German and was a Volkswagen mechanic. His two mechanics are very sharp. They knew their way around the Vanagon. This is the kind of expert VW shop every major city has. It was recommended to me by a waitress at the Fort Garry Hotel who has owned VWs most of her life.

They are located at 1043 Springfield Road, just off of Highway 20, in the northeast part of Winnipeg. Phone is 204-663-8886. Ask for Frank.