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I have an 85 Westy - Cocopop

I'm just wondering, how much LP does the fridge burn? I've used it two summers now, not for many days (maybe 10 in total), went to have the LP topped up today and couldn't put an ounce in. Is the fridge that energy efficient, or is it the valve, could it be damaged?

Any feedback would be appreciated!
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Further to my question from a couple of years past - last year we solved the problem by running our LP tank dry. It then filled no problem. It will not accept filling if there's any significant LP in the tank. I have heard of others that have the exact same scenario on their Westies.

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BTU output

mike m Junior Member posted May 05, 2003 02:54 AM

I have an 83 westy, does anyone know the BTU rating for the stove burners? I've checked the manuals but can't find any reference. Thanks.



Probaly coming from being bored on a Sunday afternoon,,,

A couple of numbers regarding capacity and consumption of the westy l/p system.
(Please correct me if I have made errors in either my assumptions or my calcs.)

The Westy Propane tank holds 3 gallons of propane. Properly filled to 80% means a useable fill of about 2.4 gallons. A gallon of propane has 91,690 btu's available for a on board capacity of 220,056 btu's.

I have searched for the btu input capacity for the stove and fridge, can't find them, and not wanting to pull my units just for fun I'll make a couple of guesses. I would think that each stove burner would be lucky to put out 15k btu/hr. I would guess that the fridge on full bore would use 500. (The flame is smaller than a bernz-a-matic torch flame, and it runs hours on a throw away tank.)Update 6/15/07 I ran across a late model vanagon fridge and on the door there was a placard stating the fridge use 360 BTU/hour, so I was close!)

So if you use the stove 2 burner hours a day at half flame, (15,000btu) burn the fridge 18hours a day (9,000) you should be able to go better than 9 days on a full tank.

My own experiance tells me that these estimates are very conservative, the fridge will cycle to low flame, running on 12vts while underway, 2 hours of burners is a long time etc. Unless you are going to the real boonies where you go more than ten days without being able to get propane, it seems to make little sense to either carry or add on a second tank.

When you think about it, how often do you have to fill your bbq tank? (4 gallons @80%/366370btu) Most bbqs burn up to 35,000btu's per burner. I go through a bbq tank a year or so.


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LP facts

Following from Manchester Tank

Pounds per gallon 4.24
Specific gravity of gas1.50
Specific gravity of liquid .504
Cu. ft. gas per gallon liquid3 6.38
Cu. ft. gas per pound 8.66
BTU per gallon 91,502
BTU per pound 21,548
Boiling point in degrees F -44
Vapor pressure at 0° F 31
Vapor pressure at 70° F 127
Vapor pressure at 100° F 196
Vapor pressure at 110° F 230


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LP Tanks

In my 'ignorance' of LP Gas & Tanks is there a gauge that could be put on the tank to let you know how much gas is in the tank, or a gauge that just lets you know the tank is i.e. half full?