Loose Cover / 89 Camper (parked outside in N Cal - intense 3-season sun, winter rain)


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I need a cover for my 89 Campers (parked outside in N. Cal - intense 3-season sun, winter rain).


1) Loose fitting - I have roof racks and a Yamina box, so very loose fitting. There is only occasional wind where I park, so I can tie the bottom down with bungess and I don't care about wrinkles - this isn't a fashion show.

2) Should be LIGHT COLORED and reflect sunlight. I have been using a dark grey cover - nice loose cut in their XXL size from thecarcover but my camper gets way too hot in the summer

3) Should breathe - there is considerable rain the winter and I don't want moister trapped under the cover

I have looked at many sites that sell covers but the covers I found are all "fitted" including pockets for the mirrors. I need a large cut cover to fit over the rack and box.