Looking for blower motor fan for 92 Eurovan camper


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The blower motor fan for the camper/passengers section on my 92 Eurovan (Canadian model) is dead.
I am looking for part # 701-819-167 to replace it.

It's called the rear warm air fan in the Bentley.

Does anyone know where I could get one?
Used if possible, since a new one is expensive, at around $350.00!
I am in Montreal, Canada.



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Problem solved.
The blower was not dead, it was jammed in rust and started smoking when I turned it on.
It had not been used for a very long time.
Had it cleaned and greased by my mechanic , and now it's working again.
And for much less than the price of a new one! :)


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I have an issue with a 1992/93 Eurovan AC. It did a lot of fogging up and condensation or leaking at the rear vent and we eventually just turned it off. I'd like to get working again as it looks like after a 20 year hiatus we may actually be getting some climate warming. We just couldn't get the cold air to come out. The condenser was plenty cold coming out of the unit under the hood. Any suggestions?


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Hi Mike;

Thanks for the suggestion. I just googled the address on that web page and and learned it would be a 35 hour drive for me to go to Bloomfield Air Conditions for help. I was really looking more for do-it-yourself type suggestions. I have done all my work myself or with my mechanics assistance as I am 3 hours from the nearest VW dealer which doesn't seem to be very highly recommended by a lot of local (within 5 hour of driving time) westy owners.