Looking for a Westy for a cross country trip


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New to the forum.

I am planning a trip across the country, hitting all the National Parks I can on the way.

Any advice out there on where to look for a good condition Westy? What years to avoid or look for? What prices should I expect to see? Any other general advice before I go in on buying a Westy.



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Have you checked out the GoWesty website yet? They give a pretty good breakdown on the pros/cons of the various versions and years of Westys. While I don't necessarily agree with their opinion of the 1980-1982-1/2 Air cooled models, they do bring up some valid points.If you have browsed through this site and are also looking for some more education, do check out The Samba as there is some good information over there too.
Good luck and before you sign on the dotted line.....take the prospective Westy to a Vanagon savvy mechanic and get a complete head to toe ( COMPLETE ) pre- purchase inspection. Be wary of rust as its costly to properly repair.

On a side note..its a sellers market during the Summertime so keep that in mind when negotiating. Good luck and safe travels to you.