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Karl Kirchhofer

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A buddy and I bought a westy in Athens Greece back in the mid 80's for $400 with the intention of driving up through the then Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, France, then the UK. It was thrashed and neglected by the previous hippies we bought it from but it rolled down the road in the right direction. Somewhere in Yugoslavia we were pulling a long hill that curved off to the left. Underpowered to begin with and rendered even more so by neglect, we were nevertheless able to catch up to a another car struggling as much as we were to make it up this hill. Not wishing to lose the momentum already achieved, the decision was made to pass ( we actually had plenty of time to discuss this as we approached the now upcoming car in that time slows down in a westy). Of course, we took into account that there was little or no oncoming traffic on this rural road.

Of course, As soon as we got abreast of the car we were passing a car approaches from around the bend in the other direction. Car is still far enough away that we keep on passing with the proper amount of coaxing and shouting and hollering. We clear the car being passed and this tiny car screams past us in the opposite direction. He is flying the universal and cross cultural sign of salutation, middle finger raised, and we answer in like with the fervor that the last 5 minutes of desperate hill climbing has worked us into!

Congratulating ourselves on being so bad-a$$ (in this beat up rusty old westy mind you) we come around a corner to a road block set up by two local cop cars and 4 cops. This is only 5 minutes after our successful uphill passing experience. GULP- The only thing I remember was "Dinar" the currency at the time- I forked over what the head cop was happy with. I think it ended up costing us 5$.

Well worth the cost of admission!

Did make it to London where I sold it for $400.

This is still my vehicle of choice. Driving an '87 syncro now. Best type of vehicle I've ever owned!