JC Whitney

Capt. Mike

Posting this to get a thread started. JC Whitney is still one of the better known mail-order vendors around and we've had a lot of comments referring to them or products in other posts so thought they deserved a shot -- good or bad -- on member experiences.

I've been browsing the JC Whitney catalog for years. Tried buying from them once many, many years ago and it was such a hassle with wrong parts, missing parts, returns, etc. Plus their shipping & handling is outrageous. Then they went Chapter 11 for a while. I've never been back.

Something brought up their link for parts for Classic VW's the other day so I visited their site. They have the catalog set to be vehicle specific so I dialed in '90 VW Vanagon. Under engine parts I got carburator pre-heat hoses and a carburator 'turbo' plate to increase my power & mileage. :confused: This for a fuel-injected car! I could also get chrome bolts & nuts for my Dana rear axle differential housing.

Ah, but it's entertaining reading. ;)