Is this site still active??


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Hello! I'm hoping this site is still active. I'm looking for a group of like-minded people who enjoy their VW Westfalia Vanagons. My husband & I own a 1984 Westy that we purchased on 08/28/19. We love it & are looking forward to camping trips once our State Parks open up again. We took our Westy on one camping trip before we had to take her to the doctor for an engine replacement. She runs like a dream now! I'm hoping to take her to some car shows in our area this summer, too.


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It’s not as active as it used to be.
Unfortunately, it got disrupted by mass spamming on our previous software platform.
It’s starting to show up in Google searches again and is getting more exposure.

It’s a great repository of information. Just about every question and answer has been posted since it was started up in 1996.
It has a goldmine of information for Westy owners.


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Thanks, John. I appreciate the information & I'll keep an eye out for more posts that get added in the future.

It's funny because we already feel like we belong in a secret club. Whenever we drive up the coast in San Diego on the 101, we get the 'hang loose' 🤙 'thumbs-up'👍or 'peace sign'✌ from our fellow Vanagon owners.

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