Is an auxiliary battery really necessary?

Gary Roberts

New member
We've recently acquired an 86 westy with an auxiliary battery that died fairly quickly. Without addressing it, we toured for ~3 weeks with just the main battery, doing without the clock and cabin light, but running the fridge on DC while driving. Given there were no apparent issues, I'm considering taking her in to have it wired back to the main battery. Is there any reason not to? Any cautions?


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I wouldn't recommend it.
If you ever forget to shut off your fridge, you'll drain your main battery.

You can live (and drive) without an auxiliary battery, but not without a main battery.
You don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

Not worth the cost savings.



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I would keep it. I had to jump start my 93 with the aux battery when the main failed. Glad I had it. Never worry about running the interior lights or an AC converter either.