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Ok, I really needed a new toy and couldn't resist any longer. Finally bought my GPS aGarmin eMap.

Then I found out about the latest game for GPS owners. Seems like agreat activity for Westfalia Owners.



(Preliminary Version 6/1/00 by Dave Ulmer)

Geocaching is a new 21st century recreation that came about as a result of the improving accuracy of electronic Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. With improved
positional accuracy on the order of three meters, GPS's now allow unskilled users the ability to find geographic locations with precision and repeatability. With this new
ability, people can now place geocaches in interesting places so that others can enjoy the challenge of finding them. This is called Recreational Geocaching.

Geocache and Geocaching are new words developed to easily communicate the act of placing an object at a geographical location and recording its position. Geocache can be
used as a noun or a verb. A geocache is an item or group of items located at a recorded geographical position. To geocache, is to place the object and record its position.
Geocaching, the act of placing or locating geocaches. Geocaching is also used to describe the sport or recreation of geocaching. A geocacher is a person involved in

In the rapidly developing sport of Recreational Geocaching, the Internet is used as a medium for the distribution of geocache locations. Websites have now been set up to
support this new activity. The Internet allows communication between the geocacher and those searching for the geocache. Posted on the Internet along with the geographic
coordinates, are clues, pictures, and other information about the geocache. Even stories from the people who have found a geocache describe their adventure. Currently most
geocaches consist of a small waterproof box or plastic bucket, placed at an interesting location. The geocaches contain a logbook for visitors to write in, and a variety of
interesting treasures to trade. The simple rules: Take something, Leave something, and Write in the book. These are the basics of recreational geocaching.

The location of a geocache can be very entertaining indeed. As some say, location is everything! The location of a geocache demonstrates the geocacher's skill and possibly
even daring. A geocache located on the side of a rocky cliff accessible only by rock climbing equipment may be hard to find. An underwater stash may only be accessed by
scuba. Other geocaches may require long difficult hiking, orienteering, and special equipment to get to. Geocaches may be located in cities both above and below ground,


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Hey how come no more posts on Geocaching since '01???
I'm gonna play this spring after "Darlene" ('84 mint Westy) and I are reupholstered /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
What equipment do I need to start with??? gonna check the website are there meeting places for Westy/Geo people to camp & yack??

Thanks for this info...

'84 Westy camper cool baby, cool


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Hey people a new listing on the geocaching site says that a new game will involve finding geo benchmarks! Cool!
I took surveying courses in college and always tried to get people more interested in survey markers and stuff that they walk by each day in cities and out in the country (mostly bored them /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif and now it looks like my wacky '90's interests are actually gonna be the basis of "global games" I'm gonna like the 21st century /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
This looks like a great leap forward for the westy off to check out the GPS toys!

'84 Westy camper cool baby, cool

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Hi, new member,new westy owner here, and this is a subject worth noting. I am a geocacher (just recorded my 100th find), and geocaching and westy'ing should go hand in hand.
I am actually on tonight, looking at, among other things, connecting to the web with a laptop on the road, so that I could do cache loads of the area I might be in.
If you have not gone to the caching site noted in earlier posts (, I would suggest that you do so and look up caches in areas that you plan on heading.
A significant amount of the caches are meant to get you to a location that has either a spectalur view, a bit of local history, or both, that you would not discover in guide books. Another words, they take you off of the beaten path. There are many variations to the game. Also, it should be noted, the sport is meant to be environmentally friendly. In Yosemite, the caches are "virtual". No physical cache, just waypoints to take you to special places.
I strongly suggest that yu look into this sport.