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Hi my name is Rick, I have owned a 1984 westfalia for about 14 years, it has over 600,000 Km and has been every where. "Brownie" is now in retirement with lots of issues, but is waiting to be redone. I have always wanted a Syncro westy as I live in the mountains and I paraglide so it seems I'm often going up mountain roads, well I gave up looking and finally bought a 2008 Ford E350 diesel 12 passenger van to convert to a 4x4 and camper. I had the Ford for about two weeks when at work one lunch I was talking about the new van and what I was going to do to it and how I had given up on the Syncro dream. A new guy sitting across from me says that his parents had one so of course I ask if it is for sale, he says he is not sure but that it does not run, but he will ask. I need another vehicle like a need a hole in the head but it turns out that yes they might sell but not sure but I could look at it if I want. I go out for a look and there it is under the trees, has not been on the road for three years, body is very good the interior is near perfect, 129,000 KM (80,000 miles). I end up getting it for $7,500 I get it home (towed) and try to start it, it fires right up. I bring it to a VW shop and find out all it needs is new head gaskets everything works great, I'm still driving it around town (head gasket gets done in January), I go out to the garage at least three time day to see if it still there, to make sure this is not a dream. This dream may come to a shattering end though, my 18 year old daughter who grew up in "Brownie" has fallen in love with the new Syncro.

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Just bought my first Westy...1985 beige with 95K miles. Very good all original condition, but needs clutch first...barely moves when in gear. So after that, I plan on restoring to a nice daily driver/camper.
Have already received good info and advice on this board...forums are the greatest!



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Hi, This is Rich from Minneapolis. I just got a '85 Vanagon GL, my 3rd VW. Looking forward to a road trip after I get a check-up on it. The Vanagon originally came from the German embassy in Washington. So far I enjoy it very much, especially when I get a peace sign from a fellow VW driver. RC