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Hey there!

Hi there! I just joined these forums and would like to take the time to let you know a little bit about me. I am 19 years on age. I am looking to better my knowledge and help others to best of my ability. So please feel free to ask any questions. I am hoping to make some wonderful friends along the way. I hope to get to know everyone here.


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Hi all, I am fitting out a westy for a friend and have a garage full of bits and a mess of wires all over. Might need a bit of help with this one. The van has the back seat and pop top in place only, the rest is to fit for the first time. I have no instruction manuals or anything else, yet.
Any good tips where to look for floor plans wiring plans etc etc.


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New to the list

Hi all.
I'm writing from the Burlington, Vt. area. I'll be flying to Denver in June to pick-up a 1984 Westy with a 2.1 rebuild from my father. Can't wait. I'm looking forward to some great camping this summer!



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Hello from the North Carolina Mountains

Hello. I joined this group years ago when I had my first Westy, dropped out for a while, and now purchased my second one - a 1985. Trying to get the bugs worked out so I can do a little traveling. I think I've worn out my old Mac searching this site!
Thanks to all who post this great info.


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Hello All

Well just wanted to drop by and say I have just joined the community. I have been into vanagons for a long time, and had no idea a site like this even existed.


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I'm new to this site but have had my van for 6 years and the last two have travelled to Mexico in it. Looking forward to meeting more westy owners



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I have always wanted a VW camper and finally found one. It has required a lot of work to bring it to it's present state, almost ready. Most of the mechanical and body work was done by people we hired. I need to learn some mechanical skills.

So far my most significant outing was in a Christmas parade.

I hope to do some camping this summer.

I call my 69 hippie van my "middle aged crazy vehicle." I think I'm really going to love this vehicle.

Thanks for all the good information on this site.


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New Westy Owner!


I have always wanted a Westy and now finally I own one. I had purchased a Vanagon about 10 years ago and after two days the guy I had bought it from told me he could not part with it and asked for it back! So I gave it back. Better that way.

I am very excited and can't wait to take it camping. My little son its very impressed that you can cook in the back and is constantly asking me if I am hungry....

I must learn how to take care of it, there is very handy info on this site and I am trying to read as much as I can.

My Westy's name is Siddhartha and the journey is about to begin!



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New to the Westy World

Live on the East coast of Canada and baught my Westy last year. I have always wanted one and when I left the military I made the move. Have not taken any big trips yet but hope to wander off more this summer.



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Hi Folks

Just joined the group.

My family (me, wife, 5 year old boy, and 2 year old girl) purchased a 2003 Weekender last month. We live in western Washington and took our shake down camp trip to Lopez Island (one of the San Juans) a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to more of the same!



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Howdy All

We (Myself, wife, 4 year old son, and Tellie the dog) finally acquired our Westy. A 1982 full camper named "Clarabelle". It needs an engine rebuild, but we are incredibly excited.



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New to the group

Hi! My wife and I have that rather rare beast, a 1994 Eurovan full Westfalia with the 5 cyl diesel engine. We have had it for just about a year, and so far have only been able to use it a few times. Retirement is not too far down the road though so it will get more use.
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Made it to!

Just bought our first van, it's a 1981 Vanagon and we've already started the re-hab! It sat unloved for quite awhile (unless you count the mice)... but, we're determined. With a giant screaming eagle on the front and "Free Spirit" emblazoned across the back? How could we say no?

Still gotta get a name for the sweet beast... I think it's a girl.

Looking forward to wading thru the forums to find nuggets of information and pearls of wisdom!

Be well!


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Greetings all

Hi everyone. Just became the proud and happy owner of Florence; a white over brilliant orange Westie bay window. First job looks like a brake overhaul, but I'm sure she's got more surprises in store!


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Hello All

After years of looking my wife and I finally found the "right" (for us anyway) westy .. a pumpkin orange 1973. We had only had it on the road a week when it went on its first road trip .. a 3,000 (yes thousand) mile round trip to Nova Scotia. Maybe that wasn't the best idea we ever had.. maybe it was just a huge leap of faith but in all respects the van performed flawlessly .. I could not be happier..

possibly because we never exceeded 65 mph we averaged 22 miles / US gallon.. and consumed just less than two liters of oil not too bad from what I understand.

We just need a name...


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Hello fellow Westyists!

We (hubby, I, 9 month old Lilja and our 2 dogs) are brand new owners of an -81 Westy and can't wait to pile up the family and take our virgin voyage. "The Old Turd" needs a bit of loving, though... I'm very excited to meet other Westy people, I've been wanting a camper for sooo long! Hopefully we'll see some of you out there at a random campsite :D



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Hello, Looking to be a westfalia Owner again!!!!

Hello to all,

I had a 1977 Yellow Westfalia I sold it in 1995. I loved it and went all over with it. Now I joined this forum to get more info to purchase my second Westfalia. Thanks in advance for all the great info.



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Should have bought my 87 in 87

my wife and i picked up our 87 Westy a few months ago. we're taking her (her name is Lailani) on her maiden voyage this weekend camping for 4 days. Loving this car!