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Brand new to the site and to the westfalia!

Hello Sergio here

Just purchased my first VW Bus and yes I went all out for the Westfalia. It is a 1977. I look forward to finding all the info I need to get it up and running from this great looking site. Now I must go find the correct place to ask my questions.

Thanks for all the help in advance!!!

Bus Gus

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Hello Westys...

Bus Gus here.. Member for a while but thought I'd introduce myself and thank everyone who contributes for some great info..

MY S.O., Rebecca, son Ryland and dog Otis are enjoying (as 2d owners) our 02 EV MV Westafalia Weekender.. 100K.

We previously owned an 02 Winnebago camper (and a 99 MV)so I had purchased the Bentley shop manual CD which when supplemented by your posts, has been a lifesaver... IE: replacing auto transmission fluid

With our weekender,I've gone through the mechanicals recently replacing, brakes and pads, shocks (bilstien HD) Full LR Tie rods.. new Nokian Hak 5 SUV's for our NH/VT winter travels..

I had to have the engine rebuilt under an extended warrantee at 90K. It was done by a dealer so essentially the engine is like new.

I used to sell audio in my youth and have installed an audiophile grade system using vintage ADS amplifiers, composite audio sub and Boston accoustic Pro componant speakers in the front doors and panels on rear bench seat area...1-6 channel amp and one 2 channel amp stacked nicely under the passenger seat..The source unit is a Pioneer DEH P700BT which provides CD, Ipod support and hands free bluetooth cell phone use..Can also be connected to and source music from any usb drive.

I added a 65amp charger/DC power supply and installed it into the space next to the 2d battery under the drivers seat..This unit is connected to the primary battery and a 15' power cord (coiled in the engine battery compartment), provides clean, quiet, unlimited DC, anywhere there is AC power

I also added the rear swivel adapter for the passenger seat... As we rarely use the removable rear jump seat, it's nice to be able to use the front seat in a jiffy when at rest.

Added class 3 hitch...

I also added the go westy rubber mat kit, front to rear in black. It looks great, holds mud and water and takes a beating... take it out, hose it off, hang to dry and the floors are like new again...

A minor detail but I also installed flush mount (white and red LED) perimeter spot/courtesy lights in the cabin and at each seating location with individual on off switches.. the red is nice for reading underway and does not bother the driver. They are almost invisible provide a lot of light and use very little juice when at rest off the grid.

I'm contemplating tinting but have not decided yet...

need to replace tranny fluid and know how to do that now!!...

Anyways, that's us and our rig...

Happy to share info on the mods to date..


Bus Gus..
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Hello from Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Leeds, first time poster here. My names Rich aka Yorkiedub. I live in Leeds UK. I've had a westy (1978 T2 Berlin US bus) for 12 months now. I bought from a guy in Thousand Oaks CA. I then imprted it to the uk. The pound was strong against the dollar then so it worked out well.

I'm the process of tidying it up the way I want it. Had all the seats re trimmed in brown leather and re carpeted, new pop top canvas and bedding throughout, fitted new DAB stereo and the under side sealed to stop any rust developing. As a Californian import it's dry as a bone underneath. Next big job is the re spray.

This my bus with me and my family on holiday last summer in Norway

I absolutely love the US. I come over on business from time to time and recently did a drive from San Diego to Dallas on the back of a business trip it was awesome. I couldnt rent a bus so unfortunately (sarcastic) I had to rent a Mustang convertible. What a trip.

I'm a memeber of the Leeds VW Collective. The VW scene is massive over in the UK.

Looking froward to posting on here.




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I am a new-be to this sight beware

Hello All , I am not sure if I am doing this right so I hope it ends up in the right place, my wife and I just like all you other good natured people LOVE our V.W. and the people we meet which loves there babies as well, I mean V.W.s. well you know what I mean (right) any how our bus just turned 41 this year and still think its a kid . No we are not out of our minds how could we be ,We drive OLD V.W.s + Speaking for my self ,you first need a brain or a mind to be out of it.LOL Any way V.W.s ,they just seam to bring the kid out in us,and we are a few years older then our bus , O well lets just say 50 years young. and made our first trip to the B.B.B. IN ARIZONA which was just great. the old London Bridge was still standing and looking good. the weather was great as well. a long with our bus we also have another Gas saver
our little child (V.W.) is a Golf Cabriolet which is also a fun little car to hit around town in or pop the top and go for a cruse Ya-Baby any how we are looking forward to meeting up with other members we want to hit old route 66
and the bollon V.W. Fest in New Mexico this year. which really sound like a bunch of :) FUN :) !!! don't care to go fast we just want to have a blast.
larray2357 Larry & Cindy


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Greetings to all!

My name is Greg. I'm a musician in Cleveland, Ohio. I got my first Vanagon in 2003. A 1983 Air-cooled Westfalia. A friend of mine bought it and had plans to rebuild the engine but then moved out of state so I bought it and did the overhaul myself. So now I own a Westy. (I posted a few pics in my album here)

I've always loved old VWs because my older brother had a '67 bus back in the '70's. I remember helping him take the engine out and putting it onto an old wagon we had as kids and wheel it into the garage where he worked on it.

I used to love to ride around in that bus with him after a new snow. Lot's of fun!

So, a couple years ago I saw an '84 Vanagon for sale and bought it to replace my every day car. I removed the middle bench seat so I have plenty of room for my guitars, keyboards, amps, etc... Both my VWs need some work and fixing up here and there. The Westy's got some bad seam rust on the left side :( so I'm gonna attempt some body work on it.

Besides my two Vanagons, some of my other interests are music (classical, folk and rock), piano, violin, guitar... books! I love Hemingway, Tolkien, poetry, history, etc... Star Trek! Coffee!

Thanks for reading my posts :)

Mr Smo

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Hello all!

People call me Mr. Smo. And I fell head-over-heels in love with VW Bus's ever since I saw one of my friends restore one to mint condition. That was about 8 years ago... Now, I have just purchased a 1977 VW Automatic Bus for $500. I had looked for a long time for an old Bus to restore, but I couldn't find one anywhere remotely close to me. Then, destiny smacked me right in the face because I found one for sale literally 5 min. away from where I live! So I took it as a sign that me and a VW Bus are just meant to be together.
So here I am, with tons of questions for you guys. I hope to get some expert opinions from here and some great info as well.
I am not really a mechanic and don't know much at all about engine and body work, but I am more than willing to learn! Also, I have dedicated my time, money, and love to restoring my bus. So I am very motivated to get it finished... as soon as money allows it. I look forward to seeing everyone around on the boards. Thanks!

-Mr. Smo


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My wife and I own a 1990 Vanagon. We enjoy camping and pulling a small trailer with our 12' handmade sailboat behind. I looking forward to participating and sharing my limited knowledge with VW vans/beetles going back to the late sixties. Yes I was one of the first in my area to grow a 'pony tail' LOL
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Hi everyone. I've just arrived from the ocean coastline of Washington. I have just purchased an '82 Westy ( my 1st vw ) that will require a bit of work to bring back to life. Looking forward to the journey .


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New here

Hi everyone,
As I was to busy I only now am writing here even though I have been with the site a month or so. Great info here.

My wife and I just bought a 1984 Westy and hope to go down to the Grand Canyon and other parks from Vancouver this summer. This is my second VW as I had a 1971 VW Beetle as my first car. Lots of fun those VW!

See ya around!


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Hello to everyone..My eyes are going square from reading and trying to absorb the info on here.
I have a 89 2.1lt petrol 2wd but it goes places most other 2wd wouldn't and I love it...had a high top made of powder coated Aluminium specially for it.. as said somewhere else on here it looks like an upturned boat on top but so very functional...
I never know if mine is a 89 or not because it was not built till Dec 89 first rego 90..We don't call them Westfalia or Vanagon in Australia just a Transporter or Trakka
I am still trying to navigate this site and making mistakes but am sure i will get the hang of it..
Anyway Gday..:)


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I joined this site a few weeks ago as I am actively looking for a Westfalia. I had one about 15 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed driving it.

Today, I test drove an '84. Unfortunately, it had just too many problems for me, a non-mechanic, to fix. However, I had forgotten just how wonderful it was to be driving a Westfalia. One minute behind the wheel and I was hooked again. I just HAVE to have a Westy!

Going to see another one this weekend. Hopefully, it will be THE one and I will, once again, be a happy Westy driver.



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Newbie Westy owner in western Mass.

Greetings all. In Aug 2008 I purchased my neighbor's 1990 Westfalia, which I had in fact coveted without knowing it, and am thoroughly enjoying owning a VW again. I'm a cancer survivor and didn't want to head to the Great Beyond with "Gosh, I wish I'd bought that Westfalia when I had the chance" still on my lips!

Would love to hear from any owners in the area or in the Northeast.

In 1983, inspired by William Least Heat Moon's "Blue Highways," my wife and I equipped a '72 Type II for camping and went on a 2-month sojourn across the continental U.S. Our new fully quipped Westy is posh in comparison to that make-shift but truly lovable bus.

Our new rig, with 160k miles, is in remarkable shape with a new dealer-installed engine. I feel fortunate to only have bugs to work on. Would love to swap the extremely sluggish 3-speed automatic for a manual and clutch set-up, though -- would be thrilled to hear from anyone who has done this conversion.

Northfield, MA, US


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New to the group

Hello to everyone from St. Augustine, FL. I'm new to this group and I'm looking forward to locating other Westy owners in NE Florida. I have a '71 that I just got up and running after a year of tinkering. My Westy isn't pretty, but I'm having a great time with it. Are there any camping groups in the area? I'm hoping to do some camping in the coming months and would like to see who else is out there. Look forward to meeting y'all.


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New to the site...

I have been reading these forums for some time now, and have just now made an account. Back in October 08 I became the owner of a '68 Westy (SO67 Interior) and have a lot to learn. So Hello people of the forums and I look forward to posting!

Blue Dun

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Hello from New Jersey

Hi everyone. I am now the proud owner of a 1983 (water cooled) westy, 115K miles. Picked it up on Saturday from a famer in Delaware. The body is in very good condition and it runs fine. I'm going to drop in a 2.1L engine so I can go anywhere with confidence. From what i have been reading here, it sounds like Boston Bob is the best person to buy the reman from. Anyone feel differently about him???


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Hello from Switzerland

Hi there, I'm writing from Switzerland were I work as layouter in a weekly magazine. I'm 43, married and have an 8 year daughter.

On my website you could find some informations about Westfalia Californias and travelling with it.
All is written in french as there was not a lot of infos on the web but mostly in english or german. Thus I decided to make it in french

Westy California are based on Eurovans, and were never imported in USA, so it's kinda strange model for the vast majority of you. But it's a truly genuine Westy

Not a lot more to say, so here's my California- 2.5L Gasoline 110 HP - Manual transmission - May 1992


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Hello from California

Hi All,

Grew up with a bus and now we have our own 1983 Vanagon. Love it but know NOTHING about doing fixes. Hoping the fixing the sink will be my first journey into figuring things out. If anyone is in the SF Bay Area and wouldn't mind someone watching over their shoulder while fixing anything on their westy, I would love the opportunity to learn and I'll bring the beverages, just shoot me an email. Anyhow, hope everyone is enjoying their westy's. Hope to see you along the road. Cheers,


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Greetings from deep in the Heart of Texas!

I am a busaholic. I deal with my addiction one day at a time. My 1st bus was a 60 panel van I shared with my older brother in high school (I don't blame him for my addiction). I graduated to a 65 kombi when I graduated from HS. I drove it to Mexico with my best friend to surf. My 3rd bus was a 69 Westy I shared with my father & mother. I lived in it with my HS sweetheart for a summer. From that point on I knew I was hooked. My 4th bus was a 70 Bay Clipper I bought for $600 in Austin. Then came college, kids, and a career... temporary distractions. Then I found Zoli (named after the retired VW mechanic from whom I bought her), a 67 13 window deluxe, on the side of the road with a for sale sign, and the old feelings came rushing back. I bought her & restored her with a reckless passion. Before I knew it I was pulling out my old vinyl and having my turntable restored so I could burn my favorite albums and play them when I go cruising in Zoli... heaven! But something was missing... I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I went to visit an old friend in West Texas. He had parked his 68 Westy (pop top) in a field in the desert 13 years ago & left her there to die. He gave her to me! I immediately christened her Bessie Mae Cooley in his honor and am now beginning her restoration. My wife & I plan to travel far & wide in her. That's my story & that's why I joined this fine web site community... to listen & to learn. Patrick.